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An objective evaluation, either on financial performance or efficient and effective operation, is important for any kind of organization.

Making use of an evaluation methodology, adapted to the type and size of your organization, Inventive Care measures the tuning of the core competences with the goals and with the results. Mirroring is used to clarify the Mission and Vision of the organization.

Once the core competences are clearly identified and approved, the match and tuning with the key activities is evaluated. The effect of a clear Mission and Vision, translated in clear core competences and key activities should result in company or organization “values”.
Every critical step in the organization is evaluated and proposals for improvement are made to close the potential gap with the expectations.

Driving force in this study is establishing if the expected growth is feasible or if there should be any growth at all and if this is in accordance with the values and expectations of the organization.

Checking this with the stakeholders, your customers, your partners, your employees or your direct environment, will add value to the success of the organization.

Based on this “DNA analysis”, a gap-analysis is made together with the management and concepts and proposals for adjusting can be developed.

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