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Yuse: Planning software for Critical C and Electronic Patient File
Inventive Care actively cooperated with the re-start of Yuse and took part in the development of the new portfolio. Marketing strategy, development of appropriate sales tools and testing of the tools in active sales were part of the deliverables.

Ascom Wireless Systems Global
Provider of customized on-site wireless communications solutions.
Evaluation of the worldwide communication tools for the local market needs, in view of the available competences and services and in view of the new strategy to become solution driven instead of product driven.

Sony Healthcare Europe
Healthcare Global
Development and evaluation of the business plan to convert the healthcare strategy, together with the Sony management. The business plan helped Sony to evaluate the introduction of core competences in the niche of non-invasive surgery and to estimate the investments required to make it a success.

Ascom Wireless Systems Belgium
Development and implementation of the product-to-solutions strategic change.

Intelli Partners
Evaluating the competences and tuning with the ambition to roll out mobile applications in healthcare.

Bekaert Specialty Products USA
Determination of the core competences in thin films and parallel evaluating the market needs, resulting in proposing several solutions.

Belgian Hospitals (together with Livingstone and prof. Paul gemmel): St. Jan Brugge, Emmaus
Mirroring the organisation, reflection with the stakeholders and setting the stage for (re)motivating the hospital teams.


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