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Back in 1987, Sammy and Rony started Demoniah,together with Luc and Alain.
Now, after many years of friendship, Sammy and Rony created Iron Clad.
Luc also joined the band as their permanent bassplayer,
so, more or less, it seems they are reunited after 13 years.
Gunther was the Chosen One as their lead vocalist because of his
powerful and dark voice.....Hail !!!

Iron Clad started their battle at the end of 1999.
Sammy and Rony started the songwriting in Belgium but Sammy moved
to California during the first semester of the year 2000.
This doesn't create any major problems for their music and recordings.
Their music is described as Medieval Metal, 80s metal combined with
Ancient tunes of Medieval ages.
The lyrics are about dark ,
mysterious and adventurous Quests and Crusades.
They will take you back to
Ancient Times and let you relive the Legends and History of the Past.
Iron Clad has a wide background of different styles of metal melted into one ,
combined with Orchestral instruments, flutes and keyboards.

All the members of Iron Clad also play in other bands .

Luc plays in a band called "Headcase".

Gunther is known as the lead vocalist/bassplayer of "Ancient Rites" ,

"Danse Macabre" and " Lion's Pride " .

Rony also plays drums in the band "Lion's Pride".

Sammy started a soloproject .
The band is called "Clad in Shadows", a similar band to Iron Clad.
Metal from the 80s.

Guest musicians on " Lost in a Dream " :

Bart (ex-Aborted)

Erik (Ancient Rites)