Second Release: "For Folk And Land"

(release 2005)

(Split CD with Lion's Pride)


Iron Clad part:

The Templars call
When the Daybreak comes
Battle of the Clansmen
The Villager
Ancestors of Flanders
Dark Ages
For Folk and Land.

Lion's Pride Part:

Europe, United in Diversity
11th of july, 1302 (De Vlaamse Leeuw)
Where Eagles Dare
Iron Fist.

+ Bonus: Medieval Times from their first album 'Lost in a Dream'.

Second Release: "For Folk And Land" (NephereX)(Neph004)

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First Release: "Lost in a Dream"

(Release 2002)


The Conquerer (intro)
Last Crusade
Medieval Times
Middle Ages
Ruins (Memories of the Past)
Travel Through the Night
On the Wings of the Wind
Flemish Victory
Land of NOD
Deadly Force
The Loss (outro)
...Lost in a Dream (bonus track)

Total running time: 47:49

Debut Release: "Lost in a Dream" (Soulreaper)(Goodlife Recordings)
still available on CD & LP : info@nepherex.com
(Debut SRR005 -2002)

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