... Into Battle...

August 2009
- New pictures / Castles in France !!!

October 2008
- New pictures / Castles in Belgium !!!

October 2008
- New pictures / Castles in Italy !!!

October 2008
- New pictures / Castles in Austria !!!

July 2007
- New pictures / Castles in France !!!

April 2007
- New pictures / castlepage / Flanders !!!

July 2006
- New pictures / More castles in France !!!

Mai 2006
- New pictures / Castles in France !!!

January 2006
- OUT NOW !!!  (20 / 01 / 2006)   Splitalbum Iron Clad / Lion's Pride: Flanders United! 1302 Lives!!!

January 2006
- Crusaders March !!! For Metal and Medieval Times ! Another Battle For Folk and Land !

December 2005
- The album will be released in the beginning of 2006 !!!

November 2005
- Pictures from Ireland on the castlepage!

November 2005
- The mix of the new Iron Clad songs is almost completed. There are several reasons for this delay ... but most important of all is that the album will be ready soon !

May 2005
- Band: Wanhoop added on the Links page ...

April 2005
- A new CD is coming! It will be a split album with Lion's Pride, more news soon...

March 2005
- The day is ours! We are back in the battlefield under 's banner, our new record label.

March 2005
-We've added two photos from Belgium to our Castles page.

January 2005
-Happy New Year to all of our fans! There is a new webmaster, Jo from Flanders. United through history and music!

December 2004
-Delay: Iron Clad will enter the studio in the beginning of 2005.

September 2004
-Preparations for the studio are made. Iron Clad will record new material at the end of this year in Starbase studio Flanders! (Guitar-work was already done in the U.S.A. by Sammy in his homestudio.) To be released in 2005.

08 April 2004
-The band has all but laid down its arms. To illustrate, we've added a new link to Fabri Armorum from the Czech Republic on our Links page.

04 February 2004
-Iron Clad and GoodLife/SoulReaper Records will no longer be teaming up for the band's second album. While this may present a set-back, our eyes are scanning the horizon for a new label.
Our battle is not over yet!

18 January 2004
-The music for the new Iron Clad CD has now reached the shores of Europe, allowing the guys back home to start preparing to enter the studio on an individual basis. Hopes among the ranks are high after witnessing the things Sammy has come up with and Gunther, Rony and Luc are more than motivated to build upon these strong foundations.

-A new picture has been added to the Castles page under Italy. An iron clad!

12 November 2003
-Sammy (rhythm and lead guitars) is finishing up writing songs for the second album in his home studio over in the USA. They will be sent over so by early 2004, preparations can start for the rest of the band (drums, bass and vocals) to enter the studio in Flanders. There will be no rehearsals this time around, yet the bandmembers will be working individually.
In the mean time, Gunther and Rony will be working on the lyrics as well.

24 September 2003
-We've added two more photos from Germany to our Castles page.

-Work on the second CD is going well. A handfull of metal songs as well as some instrumentals have already been written by Sammy in the US and are ready to be sent across the Atlantic to be finished up in the Old World. This second album will be worth the wait!

19 August 2003
-Iron Clad warriors have travelled to France and returned home with more photos of mighty castles, among which even some self made aerial pictures. Take a look at them on our Castles page.

12 April 2003
-Work on the second Iron Clad album is taking a hell of a lot of time. With all bandmembers working on several projects and living as far apart as they do, a release will probably lead into eternity. Whatever news there is to be told, it will be told right here.

23 March 2003
-All is pretty quiet around the band for now, however another picture from The Netherlands was uploaded on the Castles page. To show you we are still alive.

14 December 2002
-Marvellous news from the Iron Clad front! From January 2003 onward, the band will officially start working on songs for their second CD.
While Sammy will continue laying the majestic foundations of sublime metal riffs and medieval atmosphere, the knights still residing in Flanders will work on the songs with Sammy's ideas as well as their own input. While Gunther will be writing some of the lyrics for the new material alongside Rony, the latter and Luc will this time around be assisted in their musical endeavours by Bart (Suhrim/Aborted), who was also a guest musician on " Lost in a Dream ". Erik will certainly appear as a guest once again, yet Bart will be playing a more active role in the band as a co-writer. With Sammy residing in the United States, this renewed method of working should facilitate the making of the album. It has proven to work before, so now the band can prepare for another battle with the experience gathered.
Ready to march for more metal and medieval atmospheres!

01 December 2002
-Added sticker design to the Sale page, as well as additional information to order directly from the band.

03 October 2002
-Added two more photos from Belgium to the Castles page and added Portugal as extra country with seven new photos.

03 August 2002
-Added two more photos from England and two more from France to the Castles page.

-" Flemish Victory " (MP3 excerpt featured on our Sounds page) is featured on the " Heavy Fuel " compilation CD of Rock Tribune magazine (see cover on the right). The track opens the CD which features such other names as Panchrysia, Impedigon, Axamenta and Wasp.

11 July 2002
-A symbolic day for our homeland of Flanders, since it's the 700th anniversary of the Battle of the Golden Spurs. Read all about it on our History page.

-Added information on "Lost in a Dream" to the Sale page.

-Added more photos of Belgium and France to the Castles page.

01 July 2002
-Added new Sale page with Iron Clad Merchandise. Now blessed with brand new T-shirt designs!

-Added an extra link to a site on the Middle Ages on the History page as well as on the Links page.

01 June 2002
-Updated Castles page with photos from Belgium, France, Germany, Luxemburg, Scotland and Spain.

-Added links to Good Life Records and Dutch ancient death metal band Pentacle on the Links page.

-Added a link to Flemish medieval site De Liebaart on the History page.

20 May 2002
-Added new Castles page featuring castles, ruins and monuments from all over Europe.
Travelling back in time...

15 May 2002
-Rebaptized and updated the Photos page.

-Added extra links and an Iron Clad banner to the Links page.

24 Apr 2002
-Added MP3 files on the new Sounds page.

Apr 2002
-" Lost in a Dream " has finally been released. The label is Soulreaper Records, a subdivision of Goodlife Recordings.
Both the CD and LP versions (white vinyl available!) can be ordered directly from the label through this link.

-The first reactions have been amazing.
We will soon be featuring a selection of reviews.

-While it was the original plan that this release would be the glorious endpoint of Iron Clad, the bandmembers have decided they will in fact continue. Work on new songs has already started!

-At the same time, the Website will from here on be handled by a new Webmaster who will remain in close contact with the bandmembers. Hence all news will be featured here quite fast.

Jul-Aug 2001
-Added orchestral instruments to the CD.

-Final mixing and arrangements.

29 May 2001
-Second day recording vocals by Gunther.

19 & 20 May 2001
-Recording bass guitars by Luc.

13 May 2001
-Recording extra guitars by Erik from Ancient Rites.

04 May 2001
-Recording extra guitar parts by Bart from Suhrim.

03 Apr 2001
-First day vocals recorded by Gunther.

17 & 18 Mar 2001
-Drums are being recorded by Rony at Starbase Studios Belgium.

Feb 2001
-Getting the songs ready from California for further recordings.

Dec 2000
-Recordings in California are completed, recordings will be sent to Belgium to be completed.

Oct 2000
-Guitar and keyboardparts for " Lost in a Dream " are being recorded in California by Sammy.
-When the recordings are done, the CD will be sent to Belgium where the bass, drums and vocals will be recorded.

-In the meantime, Iron Clad will be looking out for a record company to make our dream happen.