Technology news

Access Control Engine - Version 3.0, named as the NXG version (Next Generation) will be released on the 5th of September 2005.

Formule 1 GP - Don't miss the biggest autosport event of the year at Francorchamps. Buy your tickets online www.belgium-grandprix.be. Ticketing, ticket validation, scanning, statistics are powered by ZetesFastrace and Intelligence Consulting. Come and visit us!

Zolder 24u - We were there at the Euphony 24 hours of Zolder during the weekend of 27-28 august. Online ticketing, scanning, access control, statistics, we do it for you!

Visitor Registration - Intelligence Consulting will release there new Access Control Engine and Customizer during this summer. It has been a succesfull product for several years for visitor registration at events.

Carrefour Belgium - Carrefour Belgium wants to continue the collaboration with Intelligence Consulting on the NBC project. Carrefour is deploying the biggest SAP Retail implementation in Europe which is part of the NBC Project.

Formule 1 - ZetesFastrace uses the Access Control Engine for Visitor Registration at Grand Prix Formule 1 in Francorchamps. ZetesFastrace has already used the engine for several years at Toyfair in Germany, several events at Circuit of Zolder, Dexia, Nijmegem and other events.

AtomicFlyz - "Your Challenge, is Our Challenge", ready for take-off? Because we are going in the air and jump out of an airplane via our new FreeFly team AtomicFlyz. What a challenge! Soon we will present you our new publicity stunt in the air!

Beaver It - Our partner Beaver ITServices is looking for 180 new employees. IT professionals .NET, Java/J2EE, SAP and Mainframe, complemented with other domains and profiles according to market demand. At Beaver ITServices, the months of June and September will be entirely dominated by recruitment.