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GEDCOM total


GEDCOM standard  

The GEDCOM Standard, Draft Release 5.3 4 nov 1993 bevat ESTimated onder DATE_MODIFIER
The GEDCOM Standard, Release 5.5  
The GEDCOM Standard, Release 5.5 in PDF Format  
Tamura Jones Net Met zeer veel artikels over Gedcom. Met o.a. alle Gedcom versies

GEDCOM viewers  

Gedcom Vision Freeware. Un nouveau logiciel permettant de visualiser et d'analyser tous vos fichiers GedCom.

Collection of GEDCOM tools (Bert Tobť)

GenWeb Gedcom Utilities (Randy Winch)

Let publish or index your GEDCOM

GeneaNet De meest gekende site voor gratis publicatie en opzoekingen.
The world-wide index for genealogical searches. You can therefore export your Gedcom file and send it to the GeneaNet robot, which will make the necessary modifications automatically, whilst deleting any data less than 100 years old to prevent it from appearing on GeneaNet.
Indexed GEDCOM Method The Indexed GEDCOM Method is simple to operate and to use. When a new or updated GEDCOM is to be made available, the program IGMMak is run. This program creates an index file as well as several HTML index files. This process takes about 1-2 minutes to index a 7,000+ person GEDCOM file, although this may vary based upon the system you are using. Once the GEDCOM is indexed by IGMMak, users can access the automatically generated HTML index files to find the person they are interested in.

GEDCOM to HTML converters

Familia   Freeware/shareware $33. Generates web pages from your data. Lets you create a photo album and connect pictures to individuals. Runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME.
GED2WWWF   Freeware. Extended version of Ged2WWW. The released version can work in French, English, Dutch, German, Danish and now in Swedish.  


Shareware $19.95. GED4WEB is a Windows 32bit program (Win95, Win98, and Win NT) that exports GEDCOMs, pre-existing genealogy files, to HTML files for publication on the Internet.

GED Browser Freeware. The ultimate tool for converting your genealogy to HTML.  No other tool uses such a unique and appealing design that displays both descendants and ancestors in one chart, giving virtually all the information found on a family group sheet.  

Freeware. GedcomToHTML is a program for converting a GEDCOM genealogical database into HTML files suitable for publishing on your web page. You will need a copy of the PERL programming language if you want to use GedcomToHTML.


Shareware $20. GedHTree is a program for Windows 95/98 users that processes GEDCOM files to generate direct ancestor tree pages or all-inclusive tree pages (includes all individuals in the GEDCOM file), family group pages or family group descendant trees, index pages, surname count, most frequent surnames, note pages, source pages, photo links (icon or photo thumbnail) on group pages and tree pages, USA and/or Europe time/density maps, and, name/age stats in HTML format.


Shareware $10. Gedpage, the premiere gedcom to html webpage builder. Gedpage will create your family tree webpage right from your GEDCOM file.

Shareware $24. The GEDStrip program creates HTML web pages from a standard GEDCOM. It excludes all data about living individuals from those pages, as well as all links for the remaining individuals.


Freeware. This program simply reads a GEDCOM file. It does not read all the information only the following: Individual, Birth Date and Place, Death Date and Place, Burial, Marriage Date and Place, FAMC and FAMS. It then presents this information in a new way.  This project is not complete and will not be updated.  Latest update: 14 September 1998. This project has been abandoned, due to that IE 4.0 or higher is the only browser that has the Tabular Data Control set used by the html file. However you are able to use the program portion of it to view your GEDCOM Files.  Large GEDCOM files will take some time to load, approximately 5 minutes for a file containing 3000 names.

HuMo-gen Freeware. HuMo-gen can make a "HTML Database" for your website using a gedcom file. The gedcom file can be made with your genealogical programm.
Kinship Archivist

Shareware $20. Kinship Archivist, formerly Ancestry, is designed to aid a Web designer in setting up a family genealogy tree on the Internet. The program attempts to provide a user-friendly method for entering and changing complex genealogical relationships and information. Additionally, Kinship Archivist allows for importing and exporting Gedcom (version 5.5) standard files, and it allows for exporting HTML files.



PhpGedView parses GEDCOM 5.5 genealogy files and displays them on the internet in a format similar to desktop programs. All it requires to run is a PHP enabled web server and a gedcom file. You can easily customize it by using one of the provided themes or by modifying them to meet your own needs..


Genbox    Shareware $45. Produce presentation-quality genealogy box charts from any GEDCOM file. 5 CHART TYPES: Descendant, Ancestor, Related, Everyone, Custom. The "Everyone" option puts everyone from your GEDCOM file on the chart, regardless of how many disjoint pieces there are!
GeneLines Shareware $29.95. Genelines is a timeline charting companion for Family Tree Maker, PAF and GEDCOM files. The program lets you place the names and lives of your family's past into historical context.
GenoPro Freeware. GenoPro is for visualizing, editing and printing genograms. The genograms, using a simplified set of rules and images, can also be used to show medical history. The purpose of diagramming your medical history is to show what genetic traits may have been passed from one generation to the next. This provides a view of your own medical history that's easier to understand than the doctor's forms. For Gedcom Users, GenoPro provides an AutoArrange feature which converts GEDCOM files into detailed charts.

For Mac  

GEDitCOM Freeware/shareware $49.99. GEDitCOM is the customizable genealogy application for the Macintosh for editing and viewing GEDCOM files. GEDitCOM is free as a GEDCOM file browser and shareware to edit files as well.  


Shareware $20. Sparrowhawk is a GEDCOM-to-HTML conversion program for the Macintosh. It is based on version 2.5a of Gene Stark's GED2HTML program for Windows and UNIX.