When a puppy is only a few months old, we already begin tracking. The dog learns to track by its hunting desire: he follows the food on the track.
In the beginning we put a treat (peace of food) in every step. As the puppy progresses, the distance betwween the treats increase slowly. When the dog is good on a straigt trail we immediately begin with bows and angles.
Articles are shown by the dog by lying down. When the dog is good on the trail and he knows the down command on a distance, we introduce the articles. From now on the dog gets its foodreward at the articles. Begin of page



Different methodes are used depending on the nature and temperament of the dog.
Sylvia Bishop's method, discribed in her book and video "It's Magic". A method based on much play and no punishment but on total domination of the dog.
With the use of an e-collar, used in such a way as advised by Tri-tronics in their books and video's. This means the use of very weak current which the dog finds unpleasent (may not be painfull) and where the dog learns to avoid this low current. (Rataplan was trained this way)
By clickertraining. This is a fairly new way of training an animal. No force is used and by appropriate reward from behaviour, marked by a clicker, the dog learns what is expaected from him. This way of training is also new to us and we try to learn about it as much as possible on the internet (clicker mailing list and see links). Books and video's on this method are made by Karen Pryor and Gary Wilkes. Begin of page


Defence-work is done at the club and is based on the dogs hunting-drive. Thqt is why we begin practicing the young dog from the moment that his teeth have changed. By means of his hunting-drive, the dog is encouraged to bite. Slowly his character and will to fight are build. We avoid using agression as long as possible. Begin of page