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Solar Cycle
In ProgressEvolution of Solar Cycle 24
31 Aug 12Solar Cycle Page
23 Sep 09Evolution of Solar Cycle 23 (available upon request)
09 Feb 09Predictions for Solar Cycle 24
15 Jun 08On the prediction of solar cycle maxima using solar cycle minimum parameters
09 Jan 08Comments on the start and amplitude of the new solar cycle (SC24)
15 Aug 07The case of the missing solar cycle
03 Jul 04Big, Super and Giant Sunspotgroups
Solar Activity
31 Aug 12White-Light Flares
10 Sep 11The most energetic flares since 1976
05 Sep 11Spotless Days Page
22 Oct 09Where are the sunspots? (available upon request)
09 Jun 07Tables for the prediction of solar flares and group evolution
28 Oct 06The different types of solar flares
21 May 05The distribution in X-ray class of solar flares
Climate change
08 Dec 09Onze planeet wordt heet! Global Warming bij ons. - Comments for COP15 - ()
19 Jan 09Comments on Eye on the Climate (Climate evolution in Belgium - 1833-2007)
09 Apr 07Reconstructing the Climate Change (Incl. Uccle!)
12 Feb 07Comments on IPCC's SPM4
10 Aug 05Climate evolution in Europe
Other Research
31 May 09The Big CV-project
06 May 09Het waarnemen van de zon - ()
23 Jan 08De Zon: Structuur en Ruimteweer - ()
08 Nov 072 years of PST observations
28 Mar 07Differential rotation and inherent movement in NOAA 0918 and 0933
04 Aug 05Ha-observation program - (-versie)
15 Nov 03Polar Faculae 1995-2003: A comparative Study
03 Feb 03From Polar Faculae to Wolfnumber