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The Association for Promotion of Belgian Poultry Breeds was founded in 2002 by a few people with great concerns for their native breeds. There were two reasons that led to the foundation. First we noticed our breeds were unknown by the public and second there is a great demand for general information on poultry keeping. Reasons enough for our existence.

To meet with both needs our association publishes a tri-monthly magazine in which all possible aspects of poultry keeping will be dealt with. The emphasis will of course be on Belgian breeds. For the time being we will limit ourselves to large fowl, bantams, ducks, geese and turkeys. Besides publishing a magazine we will also regularly organize meetings for our members. The A.P.B.P.B. welcomes both exhibition poultry breeders and amateurs.


The board

 President :  

Filip HENDRICKX, Dries 46, B-3380 Glabbeek ; Phone +32 494 24 12 66

  Secretary-treasurer :

Jacques ROUSSEAU, Moortelstraat 1, B-1790 Affligem, Phone +32.2309.012

 Members :

Ruben Boonen, Gansakker 86C, B-2440 Geel, Phone +32 474 84 63 04

Frans SMETS, Wateringen 8, B-2280 Bouwel, Phone +32.1451.7096

Luc STEPPE, Kattestraat 82, B-9400 Okegem-Ninove, Phone +32.5432.1055

Lars VAN DROOGENBROECK, Opgeëstenstraat 48, B-9470 Denderleeuw, Phone +32 477 48 20 71

Andy VERELST, Cauwenberglei 9, B-2243 Pulle, Phone +32.3484.5777




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