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Bosvoorde bearded bantam

Quail Bosvoorde bearded bantams


Origin : The Bosvoorde bearded bantam is a creation of the nineties. They were created by several members of the Belgian Bearded Bantam Club (BCUAWB) by crossing Grubbe and Watermaal bearded bantams. The name Bosvoorde comes from the town Watermaal-Bosvoorde and was a very good choice because that way the Watermaal and the Bosvoorde will forever be joined to each other.

Characteristics : The Bosvoorde is an active bantam that’s busy all day long. They are very affectionate and can easily be made very tame just like the other bearded bantams. The hens lay very good and the white-shelled eggs can way as much as 35 to 40 gram. They brood easily and are good mothers.

Appearance : The Bosvoorde bearded bantam is nothing else but a rumpless Watermaal bearded bantam. This means that the vertebrae of the tail and the tail feathers are missing. The rump is nicely rounded and covered by the saddle feathers. Just like the Watermaal, the Bosvoorde has a crest on the back of the head and the same unique rosecomb with three spurs.

Varieties : The original varieties of the Bosvoorde were quail and blue quail. Meanwhile other varieties have been created. The recognized varieties are the same as those of the Watermaal bearded bantam.

State : Very rare, even endangered. Only a few breeders in Belgium keep this peculiar breed. Of course this has to do with the rumplessness which is not a much-loved feature.