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Brabançonne bantam

Quail Brabançonne bantam hen


Origin : During the past decades once in a while a bantam was entered at a poultry show as Brabançonne bantam but this happened so infrequently one could hardly speak of a breed. In 1981 the creation of a true miniature of the large Brabançonne started. Bassettes were crossed with Watermaal bearded bantams and after a few years of breeding a few hundred chicks annually, the Brabançonne bantam became a real breed.

Characteristics : The hens lay a good number of white-shelled eggs that weigh about 40 gram. They also brood easily. Brabançonne bantams can best be kept in closed pens because they can almost fly like pigeons.

Appearance : The Brabançonne bantam has a very remarkable body shape, just like the large Brabançonne. The body is cone-shaped, which means that it has the form of a triangle of which the line ‘abdomen-tail’ forms the base. The back is sloping and the breast is carried high but not forward. The tail should always be closed and pointed in hens. The rooster has a large upright single comb that starts above the beak. The comb of the hen is folded twice on the forehead and falls over to one side of the head. Besides the remarkable comb the hen also has a nice crest on the back of the head against which the comb rests. The crest can never be broader than the skull and can never interfere with the hen’s vision. In the rooster the crest is inconspicuous and consists of nothing more but a few long and pointy feathers.

Varieties : The most common varieties of the Brabançonne bantam are silver quail and quail. Other recognized varieties are blue quail, blue silver quail, lavender silver quail, lavender quail, black, white, blue, buff, buff columbian and columbian. 

State : Very rare, even endangered. There are very few breeders left in Belgium. In Holland there are very few Brabançonne bantam. Unknown in other countries.