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Everberg bearded bantam

A pair of millefleur Everberg bearded bantams

Origin : The origin of this breed is situated in 1906 in Everberg at Robert Pauwels place, just like the Grubbe bearded bantam. If the appearance of the Everberg is due to a spontaneous mutation in a pen of Ukkel bearded bantams or just by crossing Ukkel bantams with a rumpless breed (e.g. Grubbe bantams) is unknown. However, the Everberg was rather popular for a short time but the First World War ended this. Afterwards it had its moments of increased popularity but they were al very short in time.

Characteristics : This bantam is very well suited for keeping on limited surface because of its very friendly and calm nature. In a very short time these bantams become very tame. The hens lay small white eggs and sit on them. They are very good mothers. The fertilization of hatching eggs is not always that good.

Appearance : The Everberg bearded bantam is nothing else but a rumpless Ukkel bearded bantam. This means that the vertebrae of the tail and the tail feathers are missing. The rump is very nicely rounded and covered by the saddle feathers.

Varieties : The Everberg is recognized in the same varieties as the Ukkel but most of them do not exist anymore. Most of the Everbergs are millefleurs, some porcelaine and a few black or white.

State : Very rare or even endangered. There are very few breeders left in Belgium. Only a few birds can be found in Holland and in other countries the Everberg is unknown.