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Termonde duck

A pair of blue Termonde ducks


Origin : The Termonde duck is a breed that is often referred to in the history of the other Belgian duck breeds. It is believed to be (one of) the ancestor(s) of both the Merchtem and Huttegem duck. Strangely there is very little to be found about the origin of this breed although itís mentioned in poultry literature all over the world. Often the Termonde is confused with Blue Swedish or Pomeranian ducks and others even say these breeds descend from the Dendermonde. However it is generally accepted that the Termonde duck was spread on a large scale throughout the North of Belgium in the nineteenth century.

Characteristics : The Termonde is a very large meaty duck. It appears it was a slowly growing breed but with excellent meat quality en very well suited for industrial hybridization to produce the very best table ducks. The ducks lay pretty well but unfortunately do not always brood themselves.

Appearance : The Termonde is a very large and long duck with a horizontal carriage and without any sign of keel. The bill is in both sexes strikingly blue-colored. The eyes are dark   brown and the legs and feet are bluish gray with paler flecks. The plumage is solid colored but there is a large white bib on the breast. The outer primaries are also white.

Varieties : The most typical variety of the Termonde duck is white-bibbed blue but there are also white-bibbed black Termondes.

State : Endangered. The Termonde is the rarest Belgian duck breed (not considering the Huttegem duck). It is only seen in the Northern Dutch-speaking part of Belgium.