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Merchtem duck

Merchtem ducks


Origin : As the name suggests the Merchtem duck originates from the region of Merchtem, a village nearby Brussels that was famous a century ago for its poultry industry for the Brussels market. The exact origin of the Merchtem duck is unknown but it is supposed that the British Aylesbury played an important role in the pedigree of the Merchtem. Another possible ancestor of the Merchtem that is often mentioned, is the Termonde duck.  

Characteristics : The Merchtem really is a utility duck. With its 3,5 kg it is one of the heavy duck breeds but the combination with the tenderness and the quality of the meat still rank this duck high on the list of good table ducks. Besides a nice amount of meat the Merchtem also produces a large number of heavy eggs which they unfortunately not often brood themselves. The duck starts laying early in spring and usually continues until the fall.

Appearance : The Merchtem is a large meaty duck with a horizontal carriage and without any sign of keel. The plumage is pure white without any yellow. The bill is pinkish white like in the Aylesbury. The absence of yellow pigment in the bill was considered a sign of superior meat qualities. Thatís why all Belgian breeds that were kept for table purposes have white skin, white fat and white shanks (the last of course not in ducks).  

Varieties : Merchtem ducks are always pure white with a bluish sheen.

State : Very rare to endangered. This breed is only kept by a handful of breeders in the Northern Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. Very rare in the South. Sporadically found in France by the name of Bourbourg duck. Unknown in other countries.