Jan De Vos

Jan De Vos is psycholoog en doctor in de filosofie en is als postdoctoraal onderzoeker (FWO) verbonden aan de vakgroep Wijsbegeerte en moraalwetenschap aan de Universiteit Gent (België). Zijn voornaamste interesses gaan uit naar de kritiek van de (neuro)psychologie en de  (neuro)psychologisering
Jan De Vos, MA in psychology and PhD in philosophy works as a postdoctoral researcher (FWO)at the department of Philosophy and Moral Science at Ghent University(Belgium). His main interests are the critique of (neuro)psychology and(neuro)psychologisation

Neuroscience and Critique

Exploring the Limits of the Neurological Turn

Edited by Jan De Vos, Ed Pluth

Routledge – 2016

Psychologization and the Subject of Late Modernity
Psychologization and the Subject of Late Modernity, Palgrave, 2013
"Jan De Vos starts where other critiques on psychology end, presenting the argument that psychology is psychologization.This fresh and pioneering approach asks what it means to become the psychologist of one's own life. If something is not working in our education, in our marriage, in our work and in society in general we turn to the psy-sciences. But is the latter's paradigm precisely not relying on feeding psychological theories into the field of research and action?

This book traces psychologization from the Enlightenment to Late-Modernity, engaging with seminal thinkers such as La Mettrie, Husserl, Lasch and Agamben, whereby Jan De Vos teases out the possibilities and the limits of using psychoanalytic theory as a critical tool.
Offering challenging and thought-provoking insights into how the modern human came to adopt a psychological gaze on itself and the world, this book will appeal to psychologists, sociologists and studies of culture"

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Psychologisation in times of globalisation

Psychologisation in times of globalisation (Routlegde/Psychology Press, May 2012)

NEW REVIEW: Rupp, G. V., & Powell, G. J. (2013).  A very dangerous book: To know is to feel–Bad [Review of the book Psychologisation in times of globalisation, by J. De Vos].  PsycCRITIQUES, 58(11). doi: 10.1037/a0031395

“… De Vos’s book is demonstrably dangerous: to psychologists who may be reluctant to look critically at their discipline, to “clients” who see themselves solely as psychological service consumers, and to psychology teachers who may feel that they’re merely reporting the truth of the human and never actively constructing it.”

"At the minimum, psychologists of all stripes should read this text, as it relentlessly outlines the problematic - and problemitizing - nature of psychology."


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Psychologisering in tijden van globalisering Psychologisering in tijden van globalisering (Acco, 2011)