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You have been created, sorry about that…



It can be assumed nothing can create itself. At best, a chaotic probability energy blip in a timeless dimension could come close to explaining the origins of the universe and the stuff in it. As most cosmic constituents do or rather don’t, let’s not worry too much about that. The ingredients are available and given a substantial capacity of apprehension, they could even realize their existence, if not the reason for all the fuss.


Enjoy reading the particularities of Toddler’s components, another almost obsolete convergence of energy, defying entropic fate but alas only for an insignificant moment in time and named by some equally discarded ancestor as Homo sapiens


Quantum, a primal entity.


Fig 1: Quantum Retirement Asylum segment.        


In fact this is about photons but “Quantum” sounds more popular and cute (The power of semantics!). It is possibly the smallest thing that is considered to tangibly exist albeit that the Uncertainty Principle of quantum mechanics states that both its position and momentum cannot be known with infinite precision at the same time. Provided that Quantum doesn’t know more than its observer does, it knows either where it is or how fast it is moving somewhere unknown. That seems not a lot and a familiar level of comprehension to even more complex entities as ourselves. If you take a morbid pleasure in playing around with inferior entities such as Quantum and pretend you know what you are doing, have some fun pestering a digital quantal particle.

Within a stretched analogy with Toddler, Q. has a lot of time to grasp things after being burped into independent existence by its electronic mom and before disappearing into a void. Nevertheless, presuming that it thinks as fast as it moves, it would soon foreknow the cyclic nature of its existence. Following that, only concepts such as making a difference doing its pre-determined thing and the hope for an eternal entropic retirement spent in contentment by viewing its contribution to the greater picture (Fig 1). Looking closer (a REALLY good OCR could be helpful), you might find that every quantum in the sample is unique in appearance, space and time. You won’t see it but their colour codes differ a tiny bit. Rumour amongst the asylum comrades has it that the one marked in green actually took part in the Big Bang. Its ID code sequence is chaotically repetitive and Quantum is very closely positioned, enough to keep the pensioners busy with conspiracy theories. One could argue that this eternal fixed memorable state appears boring but it pacifies quanta during their existence. Let’s face it, even Toddler would be a lot calmer if it knew the shocking infant school environment is just a transient phase on the way to a higher class. It shouldn’t hurt (or does it?) to point out to Quantum that its assumed importance and perceived environment in The Great Picture calls for some degree of humbleness, shown clearly if you try to find its dwellings on this Interactive CIE chart applet. (hint: 0 0 55)



Electra, the electron.



Shortcut to image source                            Illustration of the position of electron’s entropic smudges.


Electra is promiscuous, restless, negative, vague, sharing, volatile, bonding,… In short it is impossible to know where it is or what it is doing all the time. Gender and attributed character flaws of naming this particle “Electra” or indeed not taking positive protons or neutrons as an example is hereby claimed purely coincidental and is just for referral purposes to the procreation of Quantum. Alas, glamorous life styles often go hand in hand with dramatic fates. A collision with a positron, unpremeditated and innocent as it may be, results in annihilation. This poses a problem unless Electra considers the same historical entropic muck as eternal residence with a few dimensions added to collapse all evidence.   



Carbon, the atom.



Shortcut to image source                                      Illustration of the position of Carbon’s entropic smudges.



Observe the first possibly distinguished representative of a superior class. Unfortunate for Carbon, its presumed superiority over Quantum became more and more misplaced during the history of our knowledge but came to a dignified final appreciation. Even this far down the line of fine creations, Carbon’s life is just as finite as all the rest and carries the vague transitory stigma of a primary school attendant. In that respect, Quantum enjoys a sole identity rather than being a smudge of hectic particles coming and leaving as they please in a one-horse town motel. Hopefully, Carbon is blessed with more awareness, greater than its parts and enjoys the private fulfilment of being an element, destined to keeping a strict control over its boarder accounting, or cease to be. All the same, Carbon’s contribution to cosmic versatility has to be appreciated and its retirement is blessed with an overview. As a solid entity, it plays a multitude of roles ranging from a careless, secluded and mundane life of a diamond monastery to the trusted partaking in the lively existence of more complex stuff. Despite its primeval stage, Carbon has a record of more than innocent experimental relationships and procreative interactions with its collegae atoms.



H20, the molecule.



Source:                Illustration of the position of H20’s entropic smudges.



For the one-dimensional reality of pitiful Quantum, a molecule must be a revelation from an unthinkable outer special dimension. Forget about alien stuff like enzymes or DNA. Simple H20 will do for now. Fitting into Toddler’s analogy, baby H20 partakes in a more complex cycle of existence even involving a mom and dad. And that just concerns the more docile promiscuity between Carbon’s descendants and super concubine O2. When the latter Girl does a threesome with two H2’s, and they have met repeatedly, lil H20‘s have paved the way for the next creative abomination. Again, give something power and it’s abused...

Despite the latter, the life of our study object can be very exiting, versatile and rewarding. Just like the previous entity, it happily produces solitary marvels of chaos/entropy mockery in abundance as we speak. Starting with its volatile creation, H20 is literarily hurled into life accompanied by festive fireworks and atmospheric disturbances excluding more discrete and often veiled procreation activities of other molecules. One observation, perhaps slightly disquieting in terms of H20’s eternal retirement’s repose, is that its existence signature is all over the place. Rich in memories as that may be, an identity crisis could never be far away. 



Acytota, the even more molecule, or life?



Source:       Illustration of the position of Acytota’s entropic smudges.


Acytota... , a compassionate attempt to squeeze this amazing type of molecular organization in to the egocentric definition of life. Just like Prion, an outcast in the living society, if only because its persistence appears as genetic commensalism or even freaky collateral damage rather than a first step to ultimate entity. Not surprisingly, the most infamous comrades of Acytota were called virus (Latin for poisonous).

On top of solitary molecules taking a limited pride in fancy constructions, this entity carries a self-copy capacity. The opportunistic efficiency of its few but thrifty molecules should scare the living shit out of ‘higher’ developees in this creative circus. Not only does it make ample use of their molecular technology, without as much as a ‘thanks pal’ for rendered services, it often assassinates the unicellular host or demolishes the ignorant subservient accommodations. Fortunately, this lack of gratitude would also help the more voracious Acytota to know their elusive place in creation. By massively destroying the copiers after unauthorized use, there are often none left for similar descendants selecting the more docile and sleepy mutated offspring to thrive.

As to it’s elementary identity, stuff like Acytota probably couldn’t care less about its Quantum’s historical impacts. It is understandable but perhaps not so wise, that Acytota could easily inflate its existential purpose from the mere sum of nitty-gritty quantum reality to a self endowed higher eminence or an emergence of creational evolution, a characteristic that seems unhindered by developing selfconscience.



Mito, a universal parasite



Considering success in evolutionary terms, Mito is an ace and has occupied the proverbial hole in the Darwinian struggle for life by positioning itself as incontournable in the cellular machinery of all cellar organisms. If clones were not new entities with some inherited cellular memory and aging, Mito would have been a revolutionary achievement in terms of eternity of existence. Strangely enough, This necessary symbiosis doesn’t bother the arrogant delusion that the human species is some unique independant super creation. In the interest of survival and while evolution was at it, a photosynthetic symbiont would have been useful as well.





Without doubt the most popular one-cell organism in layman’s bio-scientific circles, Paramecium is a marvel of cellular high-tech. It has sophisticated integrated propulsion and maneuverability systems, all the works of cellular organelles, chemical management, both sexual and asexual reproduction, eating other organisms (fancy the thought considering the poor means of thriving of its predecessors in this review!), almost eternal survival techniques to the point that one can wonder if the first Paramecium ever died. Almost a valuable ancestor of the conceited H. sapiens considering some of its hardware is used by sperm cells as well. Too bad it uses some of the same hacked genetic code as its symbiotic Mito.


Squirt, the baggy indecorous vertebrate ancestor



This genealogic lineage candidate for human ancestry hasn’t received the attention is deserves, to say the least. Presumably, the notion to picture humans as some sort of polished apes was easier to demonize than to rebuke resemblances to a shapeless, baggy ocean ocean floor tube, not to mention other valuable grannies such as flatworms. Instead of a polished view, one could correctly extrapolate Squirt into a human organism by adding excessive decorations and a new organ or two.



Perhaps fortunately, 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999...% of Toddler’s ancestors and descendents never have or will comprehend their insignificant place in the rather big picture of space x time. Considering the universe and its contents have been created with a purpose, its size and the time that has and will pass, the somewhat precarious surroundings of Earth and the messy construction of its most successful evolutionary creature, the analogy with a productive farmland comes to mind. A farmland with a less fertile border and some weaker spots where equally good but less fortunate seeds fall, germinate but never really make it. Creational fodder, lost and barely acknowledged despite its futile attempts to be part of the crowd.


Skipping a vast variety of other animal entities, contributing to the eventual existence of the default ultimate of evolution ad interim, it can be assumed that Toddler’s issues with its creation don’t bother it too much in the early stages.

Picking on Toddler on the first day after mom’s and dad’s DNA merger as an arbitrary and grossly extrapolated benchmark for emerging self-consciousness, imagine being created and immediately facing a somewhat dictative an claustrophobic environment like the Fallopian Tube, soon after to be dropped into an encapsulating moist overgrowth of a clearly aggressive organic structure that knows what it is doing. You’d press “Abort” for less one can imagine. However, the water is warm, the food plentiful and no harm seems intended as appendages and various other seemingly useful organs develop within Toddler’s entity. It can be debated that a pinworm (Enterobius vermicularis) is blessed with the same creational enthusiasm but then again, there is no choice provided therein.


To be continued and developed by Solbe

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