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Sun, Moon & Stars

Some snow with trees on it




Chalk, gouache and a Muse

See the picture in Real Life

Flowers in a vase

Gouache on paper, Unfinished


Gouache on paper 26 June 2008

Sun, Moon & Stars


Gouache on paper 15 March 2007

Full view

Some trees with snow on them


Sometimes the commission phrasing for a painting sticks due to its innocent accuracy

Gouache on paper 10 December 2007. 

Some snow with trees on it


And sometimes the commission phrasing of a painting leads to quite the opposite but equally sticks like an opposite twin

Gouache on paper 10 December

Full view

Street Pump

Gouache on paper 17 September 2007


Street Pump rain

Gouache on paper 07 October 2007




Gouache on paper 20 July 2007


Meadow Reflections


Gouache on paper 15 April 2007



Gouache on paper 30 January 2007

Identify animals


Street Life

Gouache on paper 21 January 2007


Leuvens Kot


Gouache on paper 22 November 2006




Gouache on paper 10 January 2006


North Sea Surf

Chalk on paper May 2006


Life Cycle

Oil on canvas 1987



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