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Advisory reviews and absurd science


Buffet Raid Scenario.



After years of building up frustration while patiently lining up to collect food from buffet tables only to find all the good stuff gone or contaminated by the time it was my turn and being by-passed by apologizing queue jumpers, the need for developing an aggressive strategy became a compulsive necessity. After subsequent years of careful observation of common behaviour of buffet guests, waitresses and caterers, I was able to develop a detailed standard operating procedure with the sole aim to deplete buffets of any setting of all delicacies of excellent quality.

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You’ve just been created, sorry about that…



It can be assumed nothing can create itself. At best, a chaotic probability energy blip in a timeless dimension could come close to explaining the origins of the universe and the stuff in it. As most cosmic constituents do or rather don’t, let’s not worry too much about that. The ingredients are available and given a substantial capacity of apprehension, they could even realize their existence, if not the reason for all the fuss.

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Daily global warming alert information



Human society needs hypes or at least something to have an opinion, worry or belief about so it seems. Touch wood, if there isn’t anything available to match that need, it will be created. The same goes for the recent warming up of the planet. Even though whether or not and why this is truly happening is still debateable, it doesn’t really matter in the context of Earth’s relative lengthy history. Touch richly carbonated wood again, there is nothing we can do about warming or freezing the globe or keeping it “normal”, fancy the thought and human complacency. The information provided is no more than another collection of irrational anecdotal proofs of Global Warming, absurd causes and solutions.

Who said again that you can prove anything[JM1]  with statistics? Everyone does it and when there is no evidence, it has to be fabricated. If someone as much as coughed in Acapulco, these data can prove it. The links to Significantly Absurd Global Events links are valid as long as the source posts them.


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 [JM1]Aw, people can come up with statistics to prove anything,, Kent. Forty percent of all people know that

- Homer Simpson.