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Since we are keen perennial lovers we own a collection of more that 900 different cultivars of hardy plants in our garden and that is without the trees or shrubs.

If you want to know which plants we own you will find a list under plantlist. Here are the plants with the correct Latin name.

If you arrived on this site by searching for a particular plant we recommend you this plantlist page as well. The hyperlinked names show a picture.

What can you expect on this site?

Lots and lots of pictures of hardy plants.

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Jan and Mieke Bastiaens bought an old farmhouse on 35are in 1992.

The house is situated in a very small village in the South East of Flanders (Belgium, Europe), 25 km south of Ghent. They worked for years to redo the house and the garden.

Since they did and do everything theirselves it took a lot of time and everything is still not finished. There are always new ideas and projects they want to work out to make the garden even more beautifull.

If you want to know what our garden looked like before we started and the difference between then and now, you can take a look on the page makeover of the garden.



Pictures of combinations of different hardy plants with the Latin names you can find under the button: combinations.

A slide show shows you some beautiful plantcombinations.



Visiting our garden

After having had a fire that demolished the house in september 2011 the garden will re-open this year in its full glory

We have been busy and made an addittion to the garden, including 2 ponds.

More info? Contact

In the meantime you can visit our garden by your computer.

If you press the button virtual garden visit you will find a map of our garden dotted with red buttons. If you press these a window will appear with pictures of our garden from that spot and by this you can get an idea what our garden looks like.You'll find some info about the garden and/or the plants.

If you want to see just some gardenpictures and/or herbaceous borders you can take a look at the slideshow. 27 different views on the garden slide by.

Pictures of plants through out the season you can find on this site. We have plants in bloom in spring, summer, autumn and winter, there is always a flower somewhere.


If you like our garden and/or our website please vote for a listing in the top 100 of most beautiful garden sites by clicking on this icon or on the Here button on the next pages.

Mieke is since '94 a board member of the Flemish Hardy Plant Society. In '95 she became chief editor of their magazine and she is the author of numerous articles on hardy plants and gardening.

The website of the Flemish Hardy Plant Society is www.vvpv.be

If you want to know what our favourite plants are you can look at favourite plants top 10.

And while we are at it we give you our favourite ornamental grasses top 10 as well.


All pictures (and this website) are made by Mieke Bastiaens.

You can see the pictures here in a small size. If you want to use one or more pictures please contact us and we can send you one in a larger resolution if needed.

We just ask for a link/notification of the source.

Garden links to other garden sites, mainly private gardens, can be found at gardenlinks

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