Here's what my lawyer - if I hired one - probably wouldn't make me write down...

  • First of all, the good news: these pages are provided free of charge.

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    The pages may also not be or remain up-to-date.
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  • The author may update the content of THIS page, too, so please check it once in a while.

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    DejaVu typeface
    DejaVu Serif (proportional, serif)
    DejaVu Sans (proportional, sans-serif)
    DejaVu Sans Mono (monospace, sans-serif)
    Freefont typeface
    FreeSerif (proportional, serif)
    FreeSans (proportional, sans-serif)
    FreeMono (monospace, sans-serif)

    It is STRONGLY recommended to install them on your system to enjoy these pages in (more or less) the same way as the author did.

  • One last warning, then: these pages may not remain available - read them while they are still online...

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