So much móre than free!

Who doesn't have it? Stuff that has remained untouched for years in the cupboard or on the attic...? Things you still like, but you don't use anymore, or presents you never used. We have good news: they can bring joy to someone else!

the art of giving

In our Give Away Shop you can choose one or more items for yourself, for a loved one, or -why not- to give to a complete stranger. You can -but you don't have to!- also bring along things of your own to make someone else happy (freecycling principle). This is how our shop works, and everyone is welcome, as often as they like. We work without money or other means of exchange.

We aim to share abundance, enhance the feeling of belonging together and reinforce social contacts, while being gentle with the environment and... bringing joy!

We work with volunteers only, so the number of opening hours are limited and depend on our agendas.
You can bring or come look for things on certain days we announce on this site (see "agenda" -> weggeefmarkt = give away market) and via our mailing list. OPening hours are often decided just some days ahead depending on the weather forecast. We open on different days and sometimes also make a distinction between 'days to bring' and 'days to shop'. If you can't find a date on this site, or you didn't get a mail, thos means we haven't planned a new opening yet. You can also make an appointment to visit the shop several times a week.

HINT: you don't have to wait for an opening: you may be able to make your neighbours, family,... happy with something you do not wish to keep.

Small stuff in working, complete and clean condition (e.g. household goods, clothes, small electronics,...) As for big things, you can give them away, find or ask for them via our ads on the Dutch version main page or through a GIFT group on facebook. If you doubt whether or not something can be given away in our shop, please inform first:

Thank you for not leaving stuff in front of the door (reason: it can get wet if it suddenly starts raining, it can end up on the sidewalk, break or create an unpleasant view, or not meet our criteria. We do not have a repair shop and do not wash the clothes, nor do we have a big garbage container, and storage room is limited)


Those who do not like to read a lot, can watch a video about our give away philosophy.