Software Engineer

Koen is an engineer (Ms) professionnally creating software for 10+ years. He has been working working exclusively on the J2EE-platform for the past 7 years: developing, designing, architecting several web-applications.


Koen is continuously on the lookout for more productive ways to create user interfaces in Java, but is reluctant to sacrifice on maintainability and deployability. He is an expert in Java Server Faces using it since mid 2004. He achieves a high efficiency based upon component based development, test driven development and meta-programming. In the area of a Rich Internet Applications Koen is the creator of ThinCLet an open sourced add-on for Thinlet. Thinlet is an extremely fast and easy way to create user interfaces in the Java world. In 2005 Koen gave a presentation about Thinlet on the 'Rich User Interfaces in Java'-seminar oganized by the Belgian Java User Group.

Empower your project

Koen can add value to your project in different ways:
developing a proof of concept, coaching your team of developers, reengineering existing applications, technical advice, ...