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Jean-Pierre Wybauw, a world-renown teacher of chocolate and confectionary technology, has been an advisor and instructor with Barry-Callebaut for 32 years. He lives in Belgium, and constantly travels around the globe to teach professionals the tricks of the trade, and giving lectures at famous culinary schools. For years he has been a valued judge during international contests and in 2002 he was voted Chef of the Year by the Culinary Institute of America.

In his recently released book, Fine chocolates GREAT EXPERIENCE, Wybauw teaches the fundamentals of working with chocolate. With over 100 delicious and original recipes, this is a must-have guide for professionals and advanced amateurs. The guide provides an in-depth tutorial on chocolate including an understanding of this exacting ingredient, an explanation of crystallization, techniques for handling chocolate including molding, and an impressive troubleshooting section. It is beautifully illustrated with photographs from award winning photographer, Tony Le Duc.

Fine chocolates GREAT EXPERIENCE is available through fine chocolate suppliers and distributors worldwide. The book is available in English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch from November 2004. Due to the high demand, the book will be available in a second edition in June 2005 with translations in Italian, Russian and Portugese.

  • English: Fine Chocolates - Great Experience (ISBN: 90 209 5914 X)
  • Spanish: Bombones Finos - Gran Experienca (At the moment only available through Barry-Callebaut. Second edition available Summer 2005)
  • French: Petits Chocolats - Grande Expérience (ISBN: 90 209 5823 2)
  • German: Perfekte Pralinen (ISBN: 90 209 5916 6)
  • Dutch: Perfecte pralines (ISBN: 90 209 5678 7)

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