As far as I can remember I have always been fascinated by radio electronics, as a young boy I have spend quite a bit of my pocket money buying components for building receivers (with vacuum tubes during those days).   Later, I became an electrical engineer, and was employed in the telecommunications industry during most of my career, though not in the radio communications segment. I have always kept a keen interest in radio communications in general and in short wave in particular, I recently took up radio electronics more actively again as an hobby, resulting in the few designs described here after.  

I retired early 2009, and (one of the first things I did) I got amateur licence (HAREC level) with the call sign ON4JRT.  Besides making QSOs, I intend to continue experimenting with radio electronics, expanding it with transmitter projects.


I downloaded so much from the Internet over the past years, that it is appropriate that I would do something in return now, hence this Web site.  Click on the links here below to open the design and construction details of a few projects.

The reader should understand that this is the work of an hobbyist, the result of quite a few evenings and week ends with the usual limitations in time, knowledge, insight, test equipment, etc.  He/she should trust his/her judgement as to the correctness of the material enclosed.  No guaranties are claimed, no claims will be accepted.

HF generator detector
A measuring instrument combining an HF generator and a set of HF power detectors.
The generator is capable of injecting up to 16MHz 0dBm into 50Ohm loads, while the detector can handle signals +10dBm to 40dBm.  It includes also a SWR bridge, July 2007

VHF / UHF down converter

Double conversion VHF / UHF down converter based on a digital TV tuner, to be used as a front end to the SoftRock-40, December 2006



40m HF receiver front end, kit from the New Jersey QRP club, September 2006


General Coverage Receiver Front End

0…30MHz HF receiver front end project (direct conversion topology) for I/Q SDR applications such as M0KGK-SDR, using a switched capacitor QSD and a quadrature DDS local oscillator, June 2006


General Coverage Receiver Front End

0…30MHz HF receiver front end project (triple conversion topology) for 12kHz IF SDR applications such as G8JCF-SDR. ELEKTOR’s DRM-RX module is used as IF, October 2005


Tri-Band Receiver                               

80m, 40m & 20m amateur band receiver project (direct conversion topology, side band rejection by the phasing method), September 2004


APT Receiver

A 136...138MHz VHF receiver for weather satellite pictures (double conversion NBFM topology), October 1998



Ground Plane Vertical with remote tuner, December 2004 and December 2005



Making PCBs

A few quick recipes for making PCB at home, October 2005



My name is Jean Taeymans and I live in Belgium near Antwerpen. 

The information included in this Web site is freely available for non commercial use, though people who use it (wholly or partially) for their own projects, should have the decency to inform me about any improvements they may have thought about.

Comments, questions, advise, etc. are most welcome, click here on my e-mail address: jean.taeymans@telenet.be.

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