The Spinning Cycling Software


When I started to train on my steady bike, I faced the problem
that my bike-computer was attached to a magnetic sensor on my front wheel,
so I had to install a second bike-computer and sensor on my rear wheel.

That's when the idea came to use my PC as a bike computer,
so that I can see my training parameters on my screen while I'm doing my exercise,
and that I can analyse and file the complete training afterwards.

The "Spinner cycling program" was born.

How does it work?

The hardware

You will still have to install a magnet and a sensor on the rear wheel of your bike,
or on the roll of your cycletrainer, but this time, te sensor will go to a serial port on you PC.

This cable can be made very easy. What you need is a magnetic sensor (like from an old bike-computer),
a resistor of 4k7 Ohm and a female DB9 or DB25 connector (depending on your free comport)

Here is the layout of the connector:

*When your cable is correct, the red LED between the speed and distance field in the software should be off

The software

The first time you start the software, go to the setup page. Here you can set your username, comport, wheelsize,
and select if you have a Tacx T1450.

That's all. Just start cycling now, and you will see your current speed, distance and power (in case of a Tacx T1450).

As soon as you start the chrono, the average speed will be calculated, and you training session will be saved
into your program directory, as a space delimited .txt file, which can be used in Excel to make a nice graphic of your training.

In case you have a Tacx T1450, you can select the resistance level next to the power field,
and you will get an indication of how hard you are cycling (level 1 is the lowest resistance, level 7 the highest)

The other buttons on the screen are pretty self explaining.

Where can I get the software, and how much does it cost?

Well, you can download the software on the bottom of this page, and it is totally free !!

I would really appreciate if you tell me what you think of it, and since this software is stil in development,
any suggestion is welcome !!

What's new in version 1.1 ?

There are 2 new display's on the screen.

* one that is displaying the maximum speed of your session
* one that is displaying the cadence you're cycling

To display the cadence, you will have to modify your cable, and add another
magnet and sensor on one of the crancks

I didn't had the time to test this cable, so that will be for the next release.

* I also added a "Test Mode" in the options menu.
With this option selected you can evaluate the software by clicking

the testbuttons on the bottom of the screen, and simulate the magnetic

What's new in version 1.2 ?

The program got a new visual aspect: during the training session, a chart is drawed.
At the end of the training, you get a chart of your cycling speed,
which you can print or save as a BMP file.

Thank you for your intrest,
Jim De Sitter

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