And the Sea Will Tell ( 1991 ) (TV)

This fact based story made for TV movie contains romance, intrigue, misconception, fear, mystery and murder. And taken from the pages of a novel by famed attorney Vincent Bugliosi. A psychotic low life(Hart Bochner)on the run from the law convinces a younger lover(Rachel Ward)to sail away to paradise and away from the world. On a remote island in the South Pacific where they are running low of provisions their relationship is becoming odd at best. A yacht arrives with an older couple(Diedre Hall and James Brolin)who intend to spend a year on the island. It is the meeting of the "hippies" and the "yuppies". The older couple being really annoyed by the young couple one day is nowhere to be found. Until a crate washes ashore with dismembered remains inside. Bochner is convicted of murder and the last half of the movie Richard Crenna as Vincent Bugliosi is defending Rachel Ward in court.


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