Johnson County War" ( 2002 ) (mini)

I thought that this TV miniseries was really great. It starts out a little slow, but it makes perfect sense as the plot advances further. The characters were developed and likely, and some repulsive (in a good way). The acting was highly professional, and i think the casting for the film was right on the mark. Tom Berenger did a spectacular acting job with the lead character of Cain Hammett. Luke Perry, Burt Reynolds and Jack Conley also acted quite admirably.

I especially enjoyed the last hour of the movie. It was highly action packed as much as any pure action movie would be. I was very tense just watching it all, i was cheering when the bad guys got gunned down in the epic end battle...which is unusual for me to do so. This was a major gun battle!

If you like Westerns made right, then you'll love Johnson County War.


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