Sharky's Machine (1981)

Sharky is a narcotics cop in Atlanta who, while chasing a dealer, gets involved in a shootout that doesn't please the top brass. As a result, he's sent down to the Vice division, which he considers the lowest rung on the ladder. There, he gets involved with the investigation of a double murder of a blind prostitute and her "john". Sharky then assembles his fellow investigators (his "machine") to ferret out the murderer, and he finds out that a powerful mobster & power broker named Victor Score is behind the murder, and they set out to gather info by staking out the apartment of his #1 hustler, a $1,000 dollar-per-night prostitute named Dominoe (Rachel Ward's first feature movie). The hitman strikes again, and soon he's going after Sharky, who takes Dominoe into custody for her safety and to help him nail Victor, but Victor has plenty of accomplices, including one deep within.


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