-arschgewei 2; recycle! turn the condom inside out (oné, BE, 2009)
-please, just fallow the instructions (oné, BE, 2009)
-handclaps/the wedding (oné, BE, 2009)
-arschgewei 1; recycle! you want my ex-girlfriend? (oné, BE, 2009)
-stop als je merkt dat je leert. begin opnieuw (ohno, BE, 2008)
-live @ radio panik (ohno, BE, 2008)
-live @ radio centraal (ohno, BE, 2008)
-split w/ world report/ kollen & kobolten/ partkdolg (ohno, BE, 2008)
-wouter (ohno, BE, 2007)
-split w/ dennis krokodil (ohno, BE, 2007)
-split w/ partkdolg (kaspar hauser, BE, 2007)
-split w/ bear bones, lay low (ohno, BE, 2006)
-white white space (barfing dagger, US, 2006)
-bandit (knife in the toaster, CAN, 2005)
-split w/ anatole stretch (kaspar hauser, BE, 2005)
-present (ohno, BE, 2004, re-release: imvated, BE, 2005)
-split w/ mastasini (toxic sounds, BE, 2004)
-love inn (rarefish, BE, 2003)
-try (rarefish, BE, 2003)

-musics in the margin (sub rosa, BE, 2006)
-microphone compilation (iatrogenesis, US, 2005)
-none thus far (barfing dagger, US, 2005)
-mind the gap vol.53 (gonzo circus, BE, 2004)
-kaspar hauser compilation nr.1 (kaspar hauser, BE, 2004)
-exit zero vol.2 (dead mind, NL, 2004)
-rarefish vol.2 (rarefish, BE, 2004)
-rarefish vol.1 (rarefish, BE, 2003)



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