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The JKF Organisation

The JKF is a single organisation representing the entire Japanese Karate world comprised of various prefectural and regional groups, competitive organisation from senior high schools, universities and workers groups, and various Kaiha (group/school) organisations.

The prefectural federations and regional conferences encompass all Karate practitioners on a prefectural level under various local/city divisions. These are unified together via a network of prefectural athletic associations under the umbrella of the Japan Amateur Sports Association.

Competitive organisations include the All Japan High School Athletic Federation/Karate Division, All Japan student Karatedo Federation, All Japan Workers Karatedo Federation, and other groups.

Under the Kaiha group are included the various independent schools and styles of Karate. The JKF also serves as a common point of reference for these entities.

The various schools co-operate with the JKF as members, while the JKF provides these schools with various kinds of support. The lengthy histories and traditions of these Kaiha groups thus represent a solid vertical axis, while the prefectural, regional and competitive groups provide a horizontal axis. Various age levels within each main group provides yet another common thread connecting the various groups, thus making the JKF a very tightly knit organisation.

The JFK was established in 1964 to organise Japanese Karatedo for the first time. Since that time,the JFK has increased overall recognition of Karatedo by joining the Japan Amateur Sports Association and the National Athletic Meet. The introduction of contest organisations and rules has,likewise,led to the development of Karatedo. The JKF has contributed in a variety of other conflicts to society in general.

Support, sponsorship and organisation of various championships

The top event of Karatedo world, The All Japan Karatedo Championships, was first held in 1969. This championship is currently held every year in December in order to determine the top Karate practitioners in Japan.

Practitioners from all over Japan train daily, aiming to participate in this tournament. The JKF gives sponsorship and support to a wide variety of other activities.

Testing, management and organisation of technical grading

The JKF is involved in the testing, management and organisation of standards applied in the testing of officials, instructors, and practitioners. Grading and seminar sessions are frequently organised in order to improve techniques of participants.

Organization of national teams to train members

Promising practitioners are selected from all over Japan for special intensive training sessions held frequently in order to improve the overall level of competitive skills.

Support and management of membership.

The JKF manages the domestic Japanese Karatedo world representing Japan while consolidating individual Karate practitioners into a single organisation. JKF members are able to serve in an official capacity domestically as participants in competitions and as graded practitioners.

History of JKF

1964 Japan Karatedo Federation (JKF) founded
1969 Approved as foundation by Ministry of Education
1969 First All Japan Chartered Contest held at Budokan
1972 JKF join Japan Physical Education Association
1979 Participate in National Sports Tournament demonstrations at Miyazaki
1981 Karate-Do made an official part of the national Sport Tournament at Shiga
1999 JKF had official Group of WKF



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