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Portugal Seminar 30-31 mei and 01-02 june 2013

Seiwakai Seminar in BEJA, Portugal:

This past weekend Fujiwara Shihan conducted a very interesting and informative seminar in Beja.
The seminar was attended by more than 140 participants from all over Portugal as well as students from other countries. There was a mix of all levels and ages.

Teofilo Fonseca, the organiser, did a spledid job not only of organising the seminar which ran like clockwork but also did an amazing job of entertaining his guests.
Fujiwara Sensei and Saito Sensei, his very able assistant, did the bulk of the teaching. Others visitors assisting at the seminar were Paul Coleman from England,Rasto Mraz from Slovakia and myself.

... As always Fujiwara Sensei concentrated on kihon at the beginning in preparation for the rest of the seminar. During the seminar, Sanchin was taught in great detail as well as Tensho and kata such as the Gekisais, Saifa, Seiunchin, Sanseiru and Shisochin. Bunkai was shown as well as in come instances the application of kata a how to use aspects of the kata in Kumite.

The seminar ended with Saito Sensei giving as extremely well received demonstration of various kata followed by testing from 1st dan to 5th Dan.

My thanks on behalf of Seiwakai Europe to Teofilo, as well as Abel Figueiredo from Viseu and Jorge Pimenta from Lisbon for their help and contribution to the success of the seminar.

Teofilo was very ably assisted by many in his group from Beja and surrounding areas.


London JKF GOJUKAI 2012

Seminar with Fujiwara, Sato and Takagawa Senseis.
Assistants: Leo Lipinski Paul Coleman Rasto Mraz

5th October 6-9pm
6th October 10am-1230pm and 3-530pm Followed by testing for Seiwakai members
7th October 9.30am-12pm and 2.30pm-5pm followed by JKF GOJUKAI testing 1st to 5th Dan

Book your places as soon as possible-I already have 20 places booked by 2 countries.

For reserving your space at the seminar write to me at:

Venue: Bishop Douglas School, Finchley, London
Full detaila will available and emailed as well as on ths group within the next few weeks.
Cost: £85 for the weekend or £40 per day.
Hotel Accommodation is being arranged ar reasonable prices.

JKF GOJUKAI EUROPE now has 13 countries. Two dropped out as they have not met the requirements of annual registration in Japan. Hopefully I can assist them in rejoining.
I am aware this is a SEIWAKAI group but please keep in mind that Seiwakai is a part of JKF GOJUKAI with a very long association with the JKF GOJUKAI.
Tasaki Sensei was a GOJUKAI Vice President and also Chairman for many years in the Kanto Prefecture.
Fujiwara Sensei is currently Chairman of the GOJUKAI OVERSEAS COMMITTEE and a member of the Board of Directors.
I am President of JKF GOJUKAI EUROPE as well as the only foreign member of the Board of Directors in Japan.

Please note:

Many Seiwakai members cannot afford to go to Japan and the reason for hosting European Seminars is to help you afford training with the various Japanese Senseis. Here I am not only referring to our European membership but also those from Africa, Asia, USA and Canada. Take advantage of the opportunity.
I will make further comment. I have been practising and learning Karate since 1962. I still go to Japan every year to learn with my teachers. Many in Europe have started to believe they dont need the Japanese anymore. Yes, they win a few competitions both in Kata and Kumite. Karate is not about this.
Karate is also about having the sense and lack of arrogance to know that all our lives we need to continue learning. Even the most senior Japanese Senseis still meet, practise together and share ideas. We should all be willing to do the same and for me the only place is Japan.
During my recent 6 weeks in Japan I learned almost daily with Fujiwara sensei and others in Omagari.I learned from watching kids of 8 and 9 as well as the top teachers.
At the Gojukai seminar I had the opportunity to study Shiomi Sensei's teaching of Kurrurunpha. I woke upi to things I had missed in the past. My point--take advantage of this opportunity to train with these senseis in October.






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