Jo Van den Berghe

The first HTML game I created to explorer the newly released HTML5 canvas object.
This game is based on a puzzle game I like to play when I am on vacation.
Game with squares
A fun and simple game I loved playing so much I wanted to create my own version.
This also used the HTML canvas but here I used the library FabricJs. The code is written in TypeScript and the game is also using HTML5 audio and Local Storage.
Game with squares v2
I refactored the game:
  • seperation between the 'view' and 'game state' (DOM view and a WebGl View created).
  • Add abstractions via interfaces
  • Used Promises for Async methods
  • Used Visitor Pattern to render level
  • Added support for swipe gestures
  • Developed as Cordova application so it can compile as Mobile App.
Christmas Card 2014
For Christmas 2014 we send cards with a QR at the back pointing to this website.

Youtube movie while testing the website...
Matrix transformations
To better understand how matrix transforms works, I created a test page.
Card Effect
I created some codepen expirements to test some basic animation possiblities with CSS.
Created a quiz to play on vacation with a large group of friends.
Multiple players join the game by phone. The progress of the quiz is controlled by the quizmaster.

Technologies used: Typescript, React, RxJs, Firebase, SCSS

Rx Marbles
To beter understand the RxJs operators, I created my own basic version of RxJs with logging capabilities added.
On this page I demonstrate some operators and samples with a live RX marble diagram.