Theme Options

Theme options for complete control over your webpages

Online Docs Available Looks like you are looking at the offline docs. You can find possibly more up to date docs online here

Default colours

Here you can customize the colours for elements like the bootstrap button styles, portfolio hover colours, etc. The complete list of options include

Button Colours

You can set up the text colour, background colour, hover background colour and icon button colours for each of the supported bootstrap button styles


Overlay Colours

Set the colours used in overlay areas.


Magnific (image lightbox) Colours

Set the colours used in overlay when an image preview is clicked.


Portfolio Hover Colours

Set the colours used in portfolios when you hover over an item.


Go to top button Colours

Set the colours of the go to top button. The go to top button will appear when you scroll down the page and allows users to navigate back to the top of the page.



Here are the options that apply to the elements that use flexslider, like the gallery post types and portfolios.


You can read more about flexslider here


The WooCommerce option on the left hand WordPress menu is where you set all the options of WooCommerce woocommerce

General WooCommerce Page Options

Change the look of your shop page with these options.

  • General Shop Swatch: choose a general color scheme to use for your WooCommerce site.
  • General Shop Decoration: choose a decoration style to use at the top of your shop pages.

Advanced options

Here you can find the advanced options for Angle theme:

  • CSS: Here you can save some custom CSS that will be loaded in the header. This will allow you to override some of the default styling of the theme.
  • Site Fav Icon: Here you can set up the favicons for all different devices.
  • Mobile: Here you can configure settings targeted at mobile devices. For now, the only option available is to turn off mobile videos, as that will consume a lot of bandwidth.
  • Google Analytics: Set your Google Analytics Tracker and keep track of visitors to your site.

Shop Page

Change the look of your shop page with these options.

  • Shop Layout: layout of your shop page. Choose among right sidebar, left sidebar, fullwidth layout.
  • Shop Page Columns: number of columns to use for the products on the main shop page.

Checkout Sidebar

Change the look of your shop page with these options.

  • Checkout Slide Sidebar Swatch: choose a color swatch for the cart that slides in from the side.