Creating services

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Adding Services

The Services menu option on the left is where you add services. To add a new service, select the Services > Add New option from the left hand WordPress menu. When you create a new service, you need to setup a few more options. logo

  • Title and main content the main service title and content as it will appear in the single service page.
  • Excerpt: the summary of your service's content that will be shown in the services list when you add it as content to your pages.
  • Show Header: show or hide the header.
  • Page Swatch: select the colour scheme to use for this single-service page and sidebar. On how to set color swatches, take a look at the Color swatches section.
  • Page Decoration: choose a decoration to use at the top of the single service page.
  • Image Type: services can show
  1. Featured Image: shows an uploaded image from the media library.
  2. Icon: shows an icon.
  3. Featured Image & Icon: shows both.
  4. Nothing: no image or icon shown.
  • Icon: if you select Icon or Featured Image & Icon Image Type, this is the icon that will be used.
  • Icon Animation: if you select Icon or Featured Image & Icon Image Type, this is the animation that will be used when you hover over it.
  • Service Page Template: select a page template to use for this service.
  • Categories: Services can be grouped into categories.
  • Feature image: feature image of the service.
Take a look at the video on how to create a new service : creating a new service video

Adding services to a page

If you wish to add a services section to your page, once you have created an empty row, follow these steps

  • press the Add element button of the Visual Composer and choose the Services element. Now you can edit the services


  • Choose a category: the category of the services that you wish to be shown.
  • Services Count: the number of services to show.
  • Service Style: services will be shown horizontallly or vertically on the page.
  • Columns (horizontal style): number of columns to show the services in.
  • Image Shape: the shape of the service's image.
  • Shape Size: the size of the service's shape.
  • Shadow: show or hide shadows.
  • Show Connections: services will be connected with a dotted line.
  • Show Titles: show or hide the services' titles.
  • Link Title: linkable titles.
  • Show Image: show or hide the images.
  • Link Image: linkable images.
  • Show Excerpt: show or hide the excerpts.
  • Excerpt & More Text Alignment: sets the text alignment of the excerpt text and the read more link.
  • Show Readmore Link: show or hide the readmore link.
  • Readmore Link Text: customize your readmore link.
Take a look at the video on how to add a list of services to a page : adding a service to a page video

The single-service page

A single-service page is created as you would create any other page in wordpress. After you have created the page with the desired content, just link it to the service that you wish to redirect to that page.

Take a look at the video on how to create a single-service page : creating a single-service page video