sKWash enables a transparent integration of C/C++ and other languages (such as Java, C#, ...) in Eclipse. sKWash is implemented as an Eclipse plugin and makes use of swig technology. sKWash is an open source project.

A minimum installation consists of eclipse, swig and skwash. sKWash is nothing more than a GUI on top of swig. In short: sKWash makes use of the wrapping technologies of swig. Swig generates wrapper code to make C/C++ libraries/code accessible from other languages. Languages that are currently supported are the ones that are supported by swig. A list is availble at swig. sKWash makes swig available in eclipse.

sKWash is hosted by at Logo


Click here to download sKWash. Click here for installation instructions.


Other stuff

Whadayamean "sKWash"

It's kind of a silly name. Well, here's the story... Several years ago, I still had time to go squashing with some friends. So I created a webbased planning application to enable us to register for the weekly squashing-event. Of course was unavailable, so this became Squashing is gone, not...


This software is licensed under the GNU General Public License available from

sKWash is supported by the YourKit Java Profiler