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Last update : April 24th 2014

This website is online since : April 07th 2001

Hello everybody.  I am a collector of jokers and that's why I wanted to make a site about my favourite hobby.  On this site you will find information about myself, my favourite jokers, my duplicates, my old and rare jokers and links to my other friend-collectors.  Please, don't forget to visit and sign my guestbook. 


APRIL 24th 2014: I swapped some more jokers so more gaps between my duplicate jokers! 

You can now watch a movie (36MB) about me and my joker collection. This movie was broadcast on Belgian regional TV.
You probably have to install divx before you can watch this movie.

NOTE : To be sure you always have the newest version of my website, always press the refresh button on top of your screen. 

Feel free to contact me any time with questions or suggestions.  I am always interested to swap jokers. 

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