Joos de Rijcke - Jodoco Rique (1498 - 1578)

In 1998 it was exactly 500 years ago, that Joos de Rijcke was born in Mechelen (Belgium). In Ecuador he is a national hero, in his own country he is completely unknown. As a Franciscan missionary he arrived in Quito, exactly one year after the conquest by the Spanish.
From here he wrote in the beginning of 1536 the first and oldest Dutch travel report about Tawantinsuyu, the empire of the Incas.

In the history of the conquest of precolombian America he is rightly very famous, just like his countryman and friar Pedro de Gante (Pieter van Gent) and these other "apostles of the indios", the Franciscan Bernardino de Sahagun and the Dominican Bartolomé de Las Casas.

He is considered te first European to have introduced wheat in South-America (unknown to the New World before). 

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