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Ashitaka arrives at Tatara Ba

After a few hours the three finally spot Tatara Ba. It is a heavily fortified fortress built at the shore of a big lake. A boat takes them to the other side of the lake near the entrance of Tatara Ba where they are greeted by its inhabitants. They are that surprised to see Kouroku alive again that they first think he is a ghost. Gonza clearly doesn't trust Ashitaka and starts asking questions when he is suddenly interrupted by Toki. She starts lecturing Kouroku for getting his leg broken, for making her worry, for getting back alive, ... When Gonza interrupts her she starts lecturing him for letting his wounded men behind. Finally she thanks Ashitaka for bringing her "good for nothing" husband back. When Eboshi arrives at the scene she also thanks Ashitaka and invites him to be her guest at Tatara Ba. The men tell the story of Tatara Ba Ashitaka meets Eboshi That evening the men talk with Ashitaka during the meal while the women in the doorway try to catch a glimps of the handsome young stranger. They invite him to come with them and Ashitaka promises that he would visit them later and push the tatara with them. When the women have left the men tell him the story of the Tatara Ba. At first it was only a village. When they started cutting down the forest the village was attacked by the Boar God Nago and they were defenseless against him. That changed when Eboshi arrived with her Ishibiya Syuu. They defeated the Boar God and started the construction of Tatara Ba in order to protect them from the forest gods' attacks. Ashitaka shows Eboshi the results of his fight with the Tatari Gami Ashitaka finally understands the origin of the Tatari Gami and his anger rises but he controls himself. Later that night he visits Eboshi under the suspicious eye of Gonza. Eboshi tells him that there are some who think that he is a spy for the samurai or Mononoke Hime and asks him where he comes from what the purpose of his journey is. Ashitaka shows Eboshi the scar on his arm and the bullet retrieved from the Tatari Gami and tells her about the curse. When Eboshi asks what he will do when he knows the secret of the bullet he answers that he will first see with unclouded eyes and then decide. Eboshi decides to show him her secret and leds him to her garden where no one else may enter. In one of the houses live lepers. They work for Ebishi as blacksmiths and construct the newly developed ishibiya. The ones constructed in Tatara Ba are superior to the original ones brought back from China. The lepers who construct the ishibiya When Ashitaka asks her if she will continue spreading fear and despair with these ishibiya she answers that she feels sorry for causing him so much trouble (:the curse) and that the bullet is indeed her doing. She tells him that the foolish boar should have cast his curse on her instead of on him. Upon hearing these words Ashitaka's anger grows and his right arm involuntary tries to pull his sword. Ashitaka can barely control his arm while Eboshi, unfrightened, asks if he will not rest until everyone in the room is dead. He says that, unfortunately, it is not as simple as that to cure the curse. Upon hearing this conversation one of the lepers warns Eboshi not to underestimate Ashitaka's strength and tells him that he understands him very well because he too is cursed (with lepra) and asks him not to kill Eboshi Ashitaka pushes the giant tatara because she is the only one who takes care of them. Ashitaka calms down and Eboshi takes him to the defensive wall of the fortress where she fires her new ishibiya at the Shoujou who trie to plant new trees on the barren foothills near Tatara Ba. She tells him about Mononoke Hime wanting to kill her and that even she will have to become human again when the forest is clear and the Inu Gami gave disappeared. After that Ashitaka leaves Eboshi and goes to the giant furnace where the women push the giant footbellows. He fulfils the promise he made earlier to the women and, much to their delight, starts pushing the tatara with so much strength that the women on the other side just have to stand on their side of the tatara while they go up and down with it. Suddenly Ashitaka senses that Mononoke Hime is about to attack. He leaves the women and goes outside in search of her.

Mononoke Hime attacks Tatara BaThe point of view of the surprised guardMononoke Hime dodges an ishibiya blast
Ashitaka's feeling proved to be correct. At that same moment San riding on one of Moro's sons' back is catapulted by the Inu Gami in the outer wall of Tatara Ba. She plunges her spear into the wood and uses it as a foothold to climb the last two meters of the wall. One moment later, she is inside. The first guard attacks her but she dodges the blow. Another guard fires his ishibiya at her from his watchtower but she jumps aside at the last moment and the blast only destroys a portion of the wall. With uncanny speed and agility she jumps from roof to roof on search of her arch nemesis Eboshi. All of a sudden she is in front of Ashitaka and she blindly attacks him. Ashitaka is able to block her attacks and Mononoke Hime jumps again onto a roof in search of Eboshi. When she can't find her she climbs onto the roof of the main hall with the giant furnace and looks down upon the humans below her knowing that sooner or later Eboshi will show herself. Ashitaka tries to reach her and also climbs onto the roof. At the same moment Eboshi and two women with new ishibiya appear and Mononoke Hime starts her attack with only a knife made out of one of Moro's teeth as a weapon. Ashitaka realizes the danger she is in and tries to reach her but at the same moment the Ishibiya Syuu fire their hand cannons and the blast blows her of the roof.

San defies the crowd below but an ishibiya blast blows her of the roof

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