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San hit by an ishibiya bulletMononoke Hime falls on the ground on her hands and feet in a catlike manner and the moment she is up again the two women beside Eboshi fire their improved ishibiya. San is hit by an ishibiya bullet which destroys her mask. The blow knocks her unconscious and the Tatara Clan starts to advance onto her. Ashitaka however uses the strength given to him by the curse to break a portion off the damaged roof and throws it in front of the advancing mob. The crowd, amazed by this exploit, comes to a dead stop which gives Ashitaka enough time to get to the unconscious Mononoke Hime first. When he bows over her to see if she is wounded she suddenly opens her eyes and her razorsharp knife describes a deadly arc. Ashitaka can barely dodge the attack the knife cutting through a part of his cap and leaving a bloody scratch on his cheek.
San attacks Ashitaka
One moment later San is on her feet again and charges towards Eboshi. She dodges Gonza's attack, jumps on his head, plants her foot in his face and uses him as support to jump over the crowd. She now has a clear path to Eboshi and the next instant her knife hits Eboshi's sword. San charges again with a surprising ferocity but Eboshi blocks her attack with her sword and attacks San with the dagger she has in her other hand. San and Eboshi locked in mortal combat San and Eboshi locked in mortal combat San can barely evade the blade and continous the fight but she is more careful this time. Almost immediately a circle of cheering people gathers around the two fighters. They do not intervene for the moment but it is clear that if Eboshi were unable to kill San they would. Outside the circle, the stunned Gonza is helped back on his feet while Ashitaka silently witnesses the cheering crowd. His anger rises and an invisible aura starts to form around him. Half translucent tentacles sprout from his right arm while he starts to move towards the place of the battle.
The Curse of Hatred Gonza watches in disbelief Ashitaka approaching and when he wants to stop him Ashitaka bows his long samurai sword with his fingers leaving a dumbfounded Gonza behind. The cheering circle of people is suddenly broken when Ashitaka approaches the two combatants simply tossing the spectators aside. He intervenes by grabbing San's right wrist and blocking Eboshi's sword with his own. When Eboshi asks why he intervenes he answers that he will take this girl's life into his own hands causing Eboshi to ask if it is his intention to take her (:San) as his wife. Ashitaka hit by an ishibiya bullet He opens the gate with one hand San tries to free her hand by biting in Ashitaka's arm but all of a sudden the tentacles reappear and start growing in size and numbers. San desperately tries to get away from them but she cannot break Ashitaka's grip. Ashitaka shouts to the crowd to take a good look at what the curse of hatred and vengeance leads to and asks them to stop this futile hatred. Eboshi offers to cure him by chopping his arm of and Ashitaka can barely avoid the treacherous attack. He knocks both Eboshi and San unconscious and ask the women to take care of Eboshi while he lays San over his shoulders and starts to walk away. One of the women however aims her ishibiya at him shouting that he won't get away after what he did. Ashitaka just looks at her and then starts walking. The woman hesitates and the bystanders tell her to let him go when the shot goes of by accident. Ashitaka rides away with San The bullets rips through Ashitaka's chest but, to the amazement of the crowd, he continues his path until he reaches the front gate. The ishibiya guards, thankful for saving one of their comrades earlier don't act hostile towards him but ask him not to continue. Ashitaka tells them that he came out of his own will and that he will also leave out of his own will. When he puts his hand against the gate the guards tell him that it takes ten men to open it. Ashitaka doesn't answer and concentrates his force. With his blood seeping out of the wound on his chest and back he manages to open the gate singlehandedly. The crowd is too surprised by this to do something and Ashitaka leaves with San and Yakkuru. Outside the two sons of Moro await him. They don't attack him out of fear that he might kill San and follow him as he rides with Yakkuru away from Tatara Ba.

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