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Ashitaka loses consciousness San grabs his sword Riding on Yakkuru, Ashitaka and San disappear into the forest followed by the two sons of Moro. Due to the bloodloss Ashitaka loses consciousness. Around the same time San regains consciousness and accidentally pushes the unconscious Ashikata off Yakkuru's back. Immediately the two sons of Moro attack the fallen Ashitaka but San stops them. She jumps of Yakkuru's back and pulls Ashitaka's sword. She notices that he was shot and asks him if he is going to die. She puts the tip of the sword at his throat and asks him to tell her why he interfered before he dies. He tells her that he didn't want her to die. San replies that she would gladly give her life to destroy her enemies and that she will kill him for preventing her doing so. She is about to advance the sword into his throat telling him that she will no longer listen to the words of a human when at that same moment Ashitaka looks up. His eyes catches San's and he whispers a single word: "utsukushii" ("beautiful") San, clearly not used to such compliments, is completely surprised by this revelation and takes a few steps back until she bumps into one of the Wolf Gods, a mixture of surprise and disbelief on her face. The Wolf God doesn't understand San's reaction and asks her if he can tear Ashitaka apart. San is still stunned and doesn't know what to do next. Then the Shoujou appear and start throwing rocks and pieces of wood at Ashitaka. They tell San to leave so they can eat the human in order to recieve the human's powers. San refuses and the Wolf Gods threathen to tear the Shoujou apart if they don't back off. The Shoujou wisely don't insist. One of the Wolf Gods looks at Yakkuru and asks San if he can eat him. San tells him he can't. She puts Ashitaka on Yakkuru's back and they leave.


The pond of the Shishi GamiThe Shishi Gami heals Ashitaka San takes Ashitaka to the pond of the Shishi Gami. In the middle of the pond is a small island. San takes Ashitaka there and puts him on the small shore leaving his lower half floating in the water. She plants a young twig above his head and leaves. She tells Yakkuru to go but he doesn't move. San leaves the island and waits. Some time later that night the Shishi Gami approaches. Where its feet touch the ground plants spontaneously sprout from the soil and die off a few moments later. The Shishi Gami goes to the place where Ashitaka lies. The young twig that San has planted dies off. The Shishi Gami starts to turn into the Didarabochi and heals Ashitaka's wound. Kodama appear all over the forest and start making their ratling sound as the Didarabochi wanders through the forest. From a distance Jiko and the Jibashiri observe the Didarabochi. All of a sudden one of the Jibashiri focusses their attention on a large group of Boar Gods. They are led by a giant white Boar God which Jiko identifies as Okkotonushi. The army of Boar Gods has crossed the sea to get to the forrest of the Shishi Gami. Jiko realizes that an attack is imminent and hurries back to Tatatara Ba.

Eat! A kiss? Meanwhile Ashitaka dreams of the Shishi Gami. When he awakens he is surprised to see that his wound has healed completely. San brings him some meat but he is too weak to chew it. Therefor San chews the meat for him, brings her mouth to his and lets the chewed food slip into Ashitaka's mouth. All of a sudden the Boar Gods appear. They tell that they have come to kill the humans and protect the forest and ask what that human is doing here. Moro tells that that San is her daughter and therefor not a human. When they inquire about the other human San tells that that the Shishi Gami has saved his life (implying that he is under the Shishi Gami's protection) When they learn that the Shishi Gami has saved the life of a human while letting Lord Nago (:the Tatari Gami) die they grow furious and accuse the Inu Gami of keeping the Shishi Gami to themselves. Moro replies that the Shishi Gami both gives and takes life and that Nago fearing death ran away. She tells them that unlike Nago she will not run and face death. San tells her to ask the Shishi Gami to heal her wound but Moro replies that she has lived long enough and the Shishi Gami will probably take her life away. Okkotonushi examines Ashitaka The Boar Gods don't believe the Tatari Gami story and even accuse the Inu Gami clan to have eaten Nago when Ashitaka speaks up. He tells them that he is the one that killed Nago because he had turned into a Tatari Gami and was about to destroy his village. He shows them his cursed right arm as proof. He tells them that the Shishi Gami healed his wound but not the Curse and that he will have to suffer until he dies. When Okkotonushi appears Ashitaka lets him examine his cursed arm and the white Boar God believes his story. He warns him to leave the forest because the next time they encounter he'll have to kill him. Moro warns Okkotonushi that a large army is not sufficient to defeat the human's ishibiya. He replies that he will let the humans feel his revenge even at the cost of his entire clan. Moro warns him that attacking is playing into the humans hands but Okkotonushi doesn't listen to her and tells her that he didn't come to ask for her help.

At the same time a battle is fought between the samurai of Lord Asano and the Tatara clan. Thanks to the ishibiya the samurai are quickly defeated and they are forced into retreat. Back at Tatara Ba Jiko awaits Eboshi and tells her that it is time to fulfill her promise. The Ishibiya Syuu were lent by the emperor to Eboshi for protection against both the samurai and the Forest Gods until the Tatara Ba was constructed. Until now, her payment for them was steel but now it turns out that the Ishibiya Syuu weren't lent to Eboshi just for protection. Eboshi catches on and asks Jiko if he really believes that the head of the Shishi Gami brings eternal youth. Jiko replies that it doesn't matter what he or she thinks but that she must keep her promise. Eboshi assures him that she will. Later that night she gathers the women around her and tells them that they cannot trust the Jibashiri or the Karakasa Ren and entrusts them with the protection of Tatara Ba while she is away on expedition.

A night at Moro's Lair

In the middle of the night Ashitaka awakens in Moro's lair and notices a sleeping San beside him. When he exits the cave Moro who guards the entrance asks him if he is in pain. She advises him to jump off the cliff and end it all. Ashitaka decides not to and Moro asks what he is staring at. Ashitaka tells her that it is a beautiful forest and asks if Okkotonushi has started his attack yet. Release that girl! She is HUMAN! SILENCE! Moro doesn't answer his question and doubts he can hear the cries of the forest as the boars move through it. She tells him that she keeps her dying body alive as she waits for the moment Eboshi appears so she can rip her to pieces. When Ashitaka asks her if there is no way that the humans and the forest can live together without conflict Moro replies that the humans grow in numbers and eventually will overrun the forest. Ashitaka understands that there is no way he'll be able to stop the pending battle and asks her if she is going to abandon San as well. Moro explains that San is one of them and that she will die together with the forest. This is unacceptable for Ashitaka and he shouts that she must release this girl because she is human. Moro silences him and tells him how she found San after she was abandoned by her parents during an attack of the Inu Gami and how she raised her as one of her own. She asks Ashitaka if he would be able to save San. He answers that he doesn't know but that he is sure they can live together. Moro asks him how they would live together and if he would fight at San's side against the humans. Ashitaka refuses to fight against the humans because it would only increase the grief and hatred. Moro tells him that there is nothing he can do. That the Curse will finally kill him and orders him to leave at dawn.

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