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Synopsis Page 6 - Death and Destruction

San and Moro observe the humans From Ashitaka...for me? It's beautiful! When Ashitaka awakens the next morning he finds the lair abandoned. However San has left him some food for his journey. When he leaves riding on Yakkuru one of Moro's sons shows him the way. When they reach the border of Moro's territory the Inu Gami stays behind. Ashitaka throws him the obsidian knife he got from Kaya and asks him to give it to San. The Inu Gami catches the jewel in its mouth and disappears leaving Ashitaka on his own. At the same time, San and Moro spy on the activities of the humans. The humans have made large fires that produce a stinking smoke in order to confuse the sense of smell of the Forest Gods. San joins the battle The boars obliterated by the explosions Moro states that even it is such an obvious trap, the Boar Gods will make a frontal attack. When San is about to join them Moro tells her that there is an alternative path she could follow. She could start a new life with that young man (:Ashitaka) but San tells her she hates humans although her actions contradict her words because she accepts Ashitaka's gift and puts it around her neck before she joins the boars in battle. Riding on one of Moro's sons San shouts to the boars that the Moro clan will fight beside them as they charge towards the giant rock on top of which their enemies have made their camp. But the battle isn't turning out the way the boars wanted...

Ashitaka-sama! Meanwhile Ashitaka rides through the rain lonely and depressed because he realizes that he is unable to prevent the coming carnage. All of a sudden he hears sounds of a battle and discovers that Tatara Ba is under attack from the samurai. Ahitaka breaks through their ranks and crosses the lake. At the foot of Tatara Ba Toki tells him that the samurai attack because all of the able-bodied men are gone. Eboshi took them with her to chase after the head of the Shishi Gami. A part of Tatara Ba is already destroyed. Ashitaka offers to warn Eboshi and the others of the attack. Before he leaves Kouroku throws him his bow as Toki asks him if he couldn't find anything more useful like en ishibiya for example. Ashitaka tell them to hold out until help arrives. Ashitaka makes his getaway Ashitaka is spotted by samurai Toki assures him that they will even if they have to pour molten steel over their attackers. Ashitaka makes his escape but is spotted by the samurai. A small group goes immediately after him. Ashitaka tries to avoid a fight but when Yakkuru is hit by an arrow he faces the samurai and attacks. After he has killed a few of them they give up the pursuit and Ashitaka hurries to Eboshi's camp. Because Yakkuru is wounded he doesn't advance as quickly as before and it takes him some time to reach the battlefield.

Ashitaka oversees the battlefield A lot of the Tatara clan didn't survive When Ashitaka reaches the battlefield the battle is already over. The entire terrain is covered with bodies of Boar Gods. When Ashitaka goes further he sees some of the men of Tatara Ba. The Tatara clan also lost a lot of their people and the mood is far from victorious. He recognizes one of the men he had shared the meal with in Tatara Ba some days ago and tells him and the others that Tatara Ba is under attack and about to fall into the hands of the samurai of Lord Asano. The Karakasa Ren tell him to leave but Ashitaka insists that he must see Eboshi immediatelyt to warn her of the pending danger. The men tell him that she went into the forest to kill the Shishi Gami. The Karakasa Ren tell the men to go back to work but they refuse telling them that they can't abandon the people that stayed behind at Tarara Ba. Ashitaka asks them if they saw an Inu Gami with the boars. One of them tells him he did. Ashitaka asks if he knows what happened to Mononoke hime but the man doesn't know. Ashitaka tries to free an Inu Gami Ashitaka and the Inu Gami go after Eboshi All of a sudden Ashitaka discovers an Inu Gami that is trapped under dead bodies of boars. He asks him where San is and tell him he will help him to get free. He starts pushing the body of the Boar God aside when the Karakasa Ren tell him to stop. Ashitaka refuses and tells them that if they don't want to go after Eboshi then he will and that he needs the Inu Gami to lead him. The Karakasa Ren urge him once again to stop. Ashitaka asks them which is more important: the head of the Shishi Gami or Tatara Ba. The Karakasa Ren want to kill him with poisonous darts when the men of Tatara Ba intervene and knock them uncounscious. They help Ashitaka free the Inu Gami and the two of them go after Eboshi.

In the forest Eboshi, Jiko and Gonza together with a few of their men are trailing the survivors of the Forest God army. One of the Jibashiri hunters reports that the heavily wounded Okkotonushi together with Mononoke Hime is heading deeper into the forest. Jiko speculates that they are heading for the pool of the Shishi Gami in order to ask for its help just as they had planned. This proves to be correct. Further in the forest San, one of the Inu Gami and Okkotonushi try to make their way towards the pool of the Shishi Gami when they encounter the Shoujou. They accuse them of handing over the forest to the humans by their foolish actions and start throwing pieces of wood to them. The smaller forest animals flee when strange creatures appear: they are Jibashiri and Karakasa Ren who hide under the skins of defeated Boar Gods.San defends Okkotonushi from the Jibashiri Okkotonushi turns into a Tatari Gami Okkotonushi mistakes them for his warriors who have risen from the dead and tells them to head for the Shishi Gami. San isn't fooled, scares the humans a way for a moment and tries to stop Okkotonushi but he is beyond reason and starts to turn into a Tatari Gami. Far away, the Inu Gami who is with Ashitaka howls and tells San that he and Ashitaka are on their way. San begs Okkotonushi not to turns into a Tatari Gami but is knocked unconscious by a stone from a Jibashiri sling. She falls unto Okkotonushi and disappears under the tentacles.San is covered by the Tatari Gami tentacles Ashitaka encounters Eboshi's party In the meantime Ashitaka encounters Eboshi's group. He warns them that Tatara Ba is under attack. Eboshi doesn't really belief him and tells him that if that were the case the women can defend themselves. Because he cannot convince Eboshi, Ashitaka heads further for the pool of the Shishi Gami with the others close behind. When he arrives he sees Moro lying at the shore of the lake. She is dying and lies there waiting for Eboshi to arrive so she can have a last chance to kill her. When Okkotonushi arrives, Ashitaka tells the Jibashiri that if they fight here the Shishi Gami will not show himself. The Inu Gami attack the Jibashiri He sees that Okkotonushi is turning into a Tatari Gami and asks him to calm himself and give San back. He calls her name and dodges the darts that the Karakasa Ren shoot at him. The Inu Gami attack the Jibashiri and Karakasa Ren and disperse them while Ashitaka jumps onto Okkotonushi and starts digging into the tentacles in an attempt to find San. He desperately digs into the tentacles when he suddenly notices the obsidian knife. One moment later he has found her. But Okkotonushi violontly shakes his head and Ashitaka is thrown into the pond. Moro tells Okkotonushi that he musn't turn into a Tatari Gami and asks him to return her daughter to her. When he doesn't answer Moro asks if he has lost his power of speech and asks Ashitaka to save San. At that moment the Shishi Gami appears.

Ashitaka tries to free San

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