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Synopsis Page 7 - Death and Rebirth

Moro stops Okkotonushi Shishi Gami lets Okkotonushi die Moro prevents Okkotonushi from going any further as the Shishi Gami slowly approaches, walking on the water surface. Eboshi aims her ishibiya at the Shishi Gami. Ashitaka, who is still in the water and can't intervene shouts to her not to shoot. She doesn't listen to him and fires her ishibiya. The bullet goes right through the Shishi Gami. For a moment his two forlegs sink in the water but he steps onto the surface again and continues his walk to the amazement of everyone. When he reaches Okkotonushi he touches him lightly with his nose. The madness in Okkotonushi's eyes disappears and a moment later he falls dead on the ground. Moro retreats and opens her jaws. Ashitaka takes San out of Moro's mouth. She is entirely covered with the now decomposing tentacles. He takes her into his arms and jumps in the lake in order to get rid of them while Moro also falls on the ground. In the meantime the Shishi Gami starts to transform into the Didarabochi. Eboshi aims again her ishibiya.
Eboshi tries to kill the Shishi Gami Ashitaka, holding San sees the danger and throws his sword into her ishibiya. This still doesn't stop Eboshi. The transforming Shishi Gami looks at Eboshi and at the same moment wigs sprout from the wood of the ishibiya. This however doesn't disable the ishibiya and Eboshi fires. The bullet rips through the translucent neck of the Shishi Gami and the head falls of. Immediately an enormous amount of translucent material is released and flies in all directions while it literally rains dead Kodama. Everyone who is touched by it immediately dies. Most of the Jibashiri and Karakasa Ren suffer this fate. Jiko and three remaining servants put the head into a portable safe and make their getaway.
Jiko secures the head.
Moro's head suddenly starts moving and rips Eboshi's right arm off. Ashitaka takes care of Eboshi and urges Gonza to go into the water to escape the Shishi Gami. Eboshi tells him she doesn't need his help but Ashitaka answers that he has promised Toki and the others that he would bring her back. San asks him to turn Eboshi over to her so she could rip her to shreds but Ashitaka tells her that Moro already settled the score. He asks San for a hand but she refuses. She tells him that he is a human after all and that she hates humans. Ashitaka walks up to her but San tells him to stay away. She stabs him with the obsidian knife. He says: "I am human ... and so are you." San replies that she is Inu Gami and tells him to stay away. Ashitaka apologizes to her for not been able to stop Eboshi. San tells him that everything is over and that the forest is dying. Ashitaka replies that that is not true because they are still alive and asks her to help him.
You are human and I hate humans! I am human ... but so are you.

Didarabochi in search of its head The thieves run for their lives The headless Didarabochi wanders to the forest in search of its head. Its giant armlike tentacles search the ground and pursue Jiko's party as they run for their lives. In the meantime the giant tentacles have reached Tatara Ba and overrun it within seconds. Luckily, Ashitaka was able to warn the Tatara Ba defenders of the consequences of touching the tentacles and following his advice they abandoned their fortess just in time as they all fled into the lake hoping that Ashitaka was right when he told them that the water would slow the tentacles down. There they watch in awe how their home is destroyed. Toki, Kouroku, a few of the women and some of the lepers are the only survivors.
Tatara Ba is destroyed

The chase for the head of the Shishi Gami
San agreed to Ashitaka's request for help and together they pursue Jiko and the others. Riding on the Inu Gami they quickly overtake the thieves. Ashitaka tries to convince Jiko to return the head. Jiko tells him that the sun is about to rise and that the Didarabochi must disappear before the first ray sunlight touches its body and refuses to give up the head. A fight commences. The Didarabochi approaches fast and they all must abandon the fight and flee. They seek refuge on a rock but the level of the translucent material is rising quickly and it will be a matter of moments before the rock is submerged in it. Ashitaka tries again to convince Jiko to return the head before it is too late. Didarabochi dies Tatara Ba is destroyed Jiko finally agrees and San and Ashitaka hold the head in the air just as a gigantic pillar of translucent liquid descends upon them. The Didarabochi, now complete again, rises to its full lenght. At the same moment the first ray of sunlight appears and touches its body. The giant falls to the ground and the impact causes a gigantic explosion that blows away Tatara Ba and the remainder of the samurai army.

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