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Synopsis Page 8 - Epilogue

Tatara Ba covered with plantlife The Didarabochi has disappeared. The barren landscape is green again as everything is covered with new plantlife. Even the ruins of Tatara Ba are covered with fresh green leaves. In the lake, the survivors can't believe their eyes. Kouroku states that the shishi Gami was indeed the bearer of life. One of the leper women looks at her hand and notices to her surprise that she too is healed. The two sons of Moro have survived and rest on a rock. Yakkuru has also survived and wakes Ashitaka. Both Ashitaka and San awake holding eachother in their arms. To their amazement, not only the land is healed but they are both cured from the Tatari Gami curse. The markings have disappeared leaving only a fainting scar. San tells Ashitaka that even if everything is green again the sacred forest of the Shishi Gami is gone. She is convinced that the Shishi Gami is dead. Ashitaka tries to comfort her and assures her that the Shishi Gami can not die because it is both life and death itself.
Everything is healed

San admits to Ashitaka that she loves him but she also cannot forgive humans for what they have done. Ashitaka replies that that is fine with him. He will live in Tatara Ba while San will live in the forest. Riding on Yakkuru he will visit her there. Meanwhile, in Tatara Ba, Eboshi is ashamed of her actions. She wishes to thank the Inu Gami for saving her life and asks for Ashitaka. She tells everyone to start over again and make a good village this time. On a quiet spot, in the middle of young, green trees, a Kodama appears.
Goodbye but not farewell

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