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Setup OpenBSD-Firewall, Syslog messages: OpenBSD Firewall, messages.txt
ProFTPd server chrooted + Mysql authentication ProFTPd server
Apache server chrooted + Samba authentication Apache-PAM_SMB server
Graphs Net-SNMP monitoring + RRDTool OpenBSD firewall Network Graphs
Setup FlowScan in RedHat 8.0 (without Arts++/cflowd) FlowScan in RedHat 8.0
Dancing Kame (IPv6) + IP encapsulation IPv6 Captures
Networkgraphs with Tcpdump + Perl + GnuPlot Network Graphs
Article Linux-Magazine, April 2004 Zebra & UML-linux


JKFlow, a very flexible XML configurable Perl reportmodule for FlowScan for monitoring traffic between subnets with RRDTool and Cisco Netflow. The manual describes the installation of FlowScan on Solaris & Linux, contains several configuration examples and describes the design and performance of the Perl/XML programmed module. JKFlow, Sourceforge page, The Manual
FWanalyser FWanalyser
XGravity, 3D gravitational simulation of n-bodies motion XGravity


IMAP mailcopy

Cleanup/backup for FTP directories

Synchronizing directories

Network sniffer + statistics by TRAP signal

Email notification for Proftpd server + MySQL backend.

Break-in Analyses:

A bank site, due to a missed patch on the unicode directory traversal vulnerability: Detailed log of a break-in
Webportal, where no patching/security was done, after 8 months uptime Webportal break-in
Webportal cleaned up, no reinstall (not my fault), after 6 months uptime again Webportal 2nd break-in

Previous experiences:

Plantworks, A SCADA tool of IBM Plantworks
A demo of my final work KIHL, PLC S5 Siemens + SAE MT-81, written in QuickBASIC Eindwerk

Latest news:

Current News:

I'm employed in Brussels in a network and security administration related position since 12 years. I'm familiar with several well-known firewall and networking solutions. Technical areas I'm involved are firewall configuration, VPN's, WLAN networking, authentication, monitoring, virtualisation in both a self-managed and outsourced environment. Most links on this page are already 6-10 years old, but I'm now involved with more integrated and outsourced solutions.


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