Trade - Exchange

I have a lot of double beercoasters. These are just a few examples and since I decided to focus my collection  on belgian beercoasters I have many foreign beercoasters to trade for belgian ones. Special items (overseas,... ) are only exchanged against rare belgian beercoasters  If you want to trade with me, just mail me and I can always send you some collective scans.

Just point at the pictures and their names will appear. Tell me the names so I know which ones you want.

Aass 1


Bel pils 1

Brugs 1 Brugs 4
Brugs 5 BelleVue2000 Ceres 1 Coca 1 Fristi 1
   Grimbergen1 Hoegaarden 2   Limburgs bier 1


Ice Tea 1

Ice Tea 2

Ice Tea 3












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