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I'm a collector of Belgian beercoasters and coasters from Apollinaris. Several years ago I started collecting beercoasters. I found them in pubs, tea-rooms, etc. ... My friends and family helped me searching  and so my collection grew and grew :

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On this site you can find a selection of this collection, a trading-list, and several links to breweries and other breweriana-collectors. If you want to exchange beercoasters just mail me. Or if you can help me with my wanted beercoasters (updated with pictures 11/12/2004).

I decided to focus my collection on belgian beercoasters or beercoasters from belgian breweries issued outside Belgium. That means that I've got many, many foreign beercoasters for trade.

All comments are welcome in my guestbook! Thank you.

I'm going to update this website regularly with missing coasters from series (to make them complete). If you can help me with any of them ,please... .

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