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Who are we ?
Viviane: 40 years old; nurse.
Jurgen: 42 years old; laboratory technician
Michael: 11 years old
Tim: 7 years old

Our house is situated very nearby (3 km) the historic center of the city of Antwerp.
It was built in 1904, and fully restaurated in 1994.

It is at walking distance (3 minutes) from the international railwaystation with excellent connections to all mayor cities in Belgium and abroad (Ghent: 40 minutes, Bruges: 1 hour, Brussels: 35 minutes, coast: 90 minutes, Luxemburg: 2.5 hours, Amsterdam: 2 hours, Paris: 2 hours, Disneyland Paris: 1.5 hours, etc...). Website railwaystation:

Preferated exchange period: July 25th - August 21th, 2 or 3 weeks.
Preferated destinations: Southern Europe