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“Aunty Niamh, you are truly hilarious!”
“I’m just about to wet my nappy...”
“er no I didn’t get that joke”
Head still there, good.
My godfather is the cutest  in all of Christendom
I like being with the G Man
He teaches me about the finer things in life
Dinner in Brussels
Lily-Angele in her office
“Do you mind, I’m working..”
“I think that’s the phone, will someone get that”
I love hanging out with my brother....
But not so much today
Queen Lily-Angele
She is adored by all her subjects
But it can become tiring....
‘Angry Queen’
Latest Pics
A new house, bomma visiting plus two uncles for the price of one! So many things happening but I still manage to look adorable!