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[DIR] List of Kid-A Album 19-Sep-2002 10:26

01-Everything In Its Right Place 19-Sep-2002 10:25 3.8M

02-KidA.MP3 19-Sep-2002 10:19 4.3M

03-The National Anthem 19-Sep-2002 10:21 5.4M

04-How To Disappear Completely 19-Sep-2002 10:22 5.4M

05-Treefingers.MP3 19-Sep-2002 10:22 3.4M

06-Optimistic.MP3 19-Sep-2002 10:24 4.8M

07-In Limbo.MP3 19-Sep-2002 10:24 3.2M

08-Idioteque.MP3 19-Sep-2002 10:18 4.7M

09-Morning Bell.MP3 19-Sep-2002 10:26 4.2M

 10-Motion Picture Sound 19-Sep-2002 10:28 6.4M